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Chapter 116 Courtesy

  • "What are you going to do? This is still the company, don't do anything foolish." I immediately stopped it when I heard what Qingqing said.
  • I broke up with Lin Fang, but I was not such a useless loser that I needed to torture the other person even after breaking up with them.
  • If we already broke up then let it stay that way. She was at her wit's end yesterday, not even thinking about a way out. I am not someone who will hang on just because I couldn't stand losing. Seeing as we have already parted ways, then let us have a clean slate.
  • "Even if I don't put her in her place, someone else will. Mr. Zhang, why are you still protecting her until now? No one will think that you are very manly, but that she was the worthless wrench who manipulated you."
  • I thought of how Qingqing treated me before. Not only did she look down on me, she must have also thought that I was the idiot who let Lin Fang manipulate him.
  • I replied her and said, "I don't care what other people think, I don't want to be involved with her anymore. We have already broken up so from now on we are just colleagues. She is an employee in my company so don't make a mountain out of a molehill. That's all."
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