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Chapter 111 Marked Price

  • "Jiang Ming's testimony is missing."
  • The final content before the missing pages were the testimonies. All the testimonies from the other witnesses were all there, all except Jiang Ming's testimony. Why was it only Jiang Ming's?
  • Zhao Zichen said, "Yes, but besides the testimony, there is something else that is more important missing. The autopsy report."
  • "The final report is also not here. There is no need for direct evidence, this is definitely Jiang Ming's work." I slammed the case file shut, this evidence could not be any clearer.
  • We did not need any more direct evidence because the evidence that pointed to Jiang Ming might have already been destroyed.
  • Just based on this case file, even the police filed this as a criminal case. It was a major murder case, but in the end the case was closed just like that. Coincidentally, Jiang Ming's testimony and the important autopsy report were both missing. The reason for all of it was pretty self-evident.
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