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Chapter 110 Evidence

  • I believe that Zhao Zichen would not brazenly lie to me again. He was a smart man so he would not fool me so fearlessly because he clearly knew the consequences of offending me.
  • But so many years had already passed, what kind of evidence would he possess?
  • Jiang Ming was also someone who has the power to be able to conceal evidence. Why would he allow evidence like this to still exist after so many years?
  • Zhao Zichen said, "You must have investigated your parents' accident case."
  • "Yes." I did not elaborate.
  • Zhao Zichen laughed and said, "Chao, the fact that you checked the case is completely normal. You had your doubts about the case, so the first logical step was to check the case file. You were so young when it all happened, so you would definitely not have seen the case file back then. But if I am not mistaken, you were unable to get the case file."
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