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Chapter 105 Tyranny

  • Meng didn’t say anything and simply listened. Then, after a while, he eyed me up and down, and said, “Zhang Chao was unworthy? Didn’t any of you even know who he is? He didn’t tell you who he is? He is the son of the founder of Junran, Junran’s largest shareholder, and the man who will one day inherit the entire Junran Group.”
  • With Meng’s every word, all the faces in the Spring Garden whitened little by little. Especially Lin Fang, she must be the one who regretted the most, but everything was already too late.
  • “Heh, who’re you trying to fool? If Zhang Chao is the son of Junran, then I’m the son of the mayor of Tong City himself!” Huang Hua mocked.
  • Though Huang Hua was ignorant and oblivious, but Chen Yuzhou knows better.
  • Throughout all my dealing with him, my connections, and the car I drove, he had seen them. He knows how uncommon these things were. He had been clouded, blinded, by his rage, and never stopped to think how a mere little security guard could possibly have connections with Big Long, one of Junran’s hired muscles. He never stopped to think how a mere little security guard could afford to drive a Porsche, and that even if I simply have a rich friend that was generous enough to let me drive his Porsche, how was a mere little security guard able to keep driving that Porsche. After all, a Porsche wasn’t cheap to maintain by any measure.
  • Chen Yuzhou always looked down on me, so he simply believed what he wanted to believe. But now, when someone smacked the truth right into his face, he knows that it wasn’t simply outrageous lies.
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