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Chapter 104 Entrapment

  • At Lin Fang’s pleas, Chen Yuzhou glared at her annoyingly, “As my girlfriend, how could you plea for another man?”
  • Lin Fang had tearz all over her face. She seemed concerned, but she didn’t know what else to do.
  • Looking at how miserably she cried, my heart ached, but I couldn’t feel thankful of her at all. Always jumping sides, it only served to irritate me, if not disgust me.
  • “Zhang Chao, don’t be hiding behind a woman’s pleas now. We the Black Dragons are reasonable people after all. Today, you leave one of your arms behind, and we’ll walk away. I know you’re a fighter, but we have numbers. You’ll probably get out of this unscathed, but that girl behind you won’t. So, either you leave your arm with us, or we’ll have some loving time with that girl behind you.”
  • Before I could even speak, Chu Xiaoxiao already burst out, “Why don’t you go crying to your ma if you needed love so much!?”
  • I was going to get mad at them, but now, I just wanted to laugh. Chu Xiaoxiao really was something, always knowing exactly what to say.
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