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Chapter 103 Betrayal

  • To Lin Fang’s offer, Chu Xiaoxiao snorted, “No need. Even if I had to beg on the streets, I’ll never sell out my dignity. Besides, those weren’t your money, those were Chen Yuzhou’s money. I don’t need the money you got from selling your own soul, and I won’t use a single bit of it even if you shoved them in my face.
  • Berated so utterly, Lin Fang stared wordlessly at Chu Xiaoxiao. Never before had Chu Xiaoxiao spoken so harshly to her.
  • Suddenly, she walked forward and slapped Chu Xiaoxiao. At this, I couldn’t stand this any longer. I stepped in and cut myself in between the two of them, and pushed her away from Chu Xiaoxiao, “What do you think you’re doing!?”
  • It wasn’t a hard slap. It didn’t even leave a mark on Chu Xiaoxiao’s soft skin, but I knew it hurt her heart more than anything else in the world.
  • Lin Fang said, “It’s... it’s her! What she just said was over the line!”
  • “And what you did isn’t? Things between us aside, Chu Xiaoxiao has always treated you like her best friend, and you also know just how much she has done and sacrificed for you. And, this is how you repay her? This is how you treat your friends!? How could I never see what a selfish person you are!?”
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