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Chapter 102 Wake Up

  • Lin Fang bit her lips and shut her eyes, and when she opened them again, there was no more hesitation. “I thank you for liking me, but I really feel nothing for you. It’s just as well that we had this conversation today. I need you to know, that we don’t belong together. You cannot even hope to give me what I want. Zhang Chao, wake up.”
  • I let go of all the strengths that gathered in my hands. I sighed, as my heart lay in ashes.
  • Chen Yuzhou continued after her, “Really, wake up already. Fangfang aside, no girl in their right minds would possibly want you. Be realistic. Know your place. Go back home, and let you mommy and daddy find you a country wench, life really isn’t that bad. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot you didn’t have any. My bad.”
  • Chen Yuzhou must have planned for this day for a long time already. what he just said wasn’t like him at all. Being the type of person that he is, he’d have jumped at me the moment he saw me as he came in through the door. All these words, and this carefully laid trap, it could only be Chen Ruhai.
  • And what a trap they have prepared. They couldn’t do anything to me on the surface, so they went beneath the surface and worked to destroy me from within. No matter how capable I am, I would never have suspected that Lin Fang would do this to me...
  • I turned around to leave this place behind me, but suddenly Chu Xiaoxiao ran up to me and hugged my arm in hers. I was startled, as was with everyone else in this gathering
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