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Chapter 100 Dangerous Individual

  • If it had been anything else, I might have simply bared with it or laughed it off. But they just had to involve Lin Fang with their jeers, and that was where my bottomline is. Setting my chopsticks down on the table, I turned my eyes to Chen Yuzhou.
  • Under the weight of my stare, Chen Yuzhou flinched and physically retracted a little.
  • A few of those who wanted to kiss up to his boot obvious don’t sit well with that. Huang Hua got off his seat, walked over, then set a glass with alcohol down on the table in front of me. Laughing mockingly, he said, “Zhang Chao, it should be a while since the last time you saw our brother Zhou, come pay your respect.”
  • Just about the entire Tong City knew what was going on between Chen Yuzhou and I. The fact that we’re sitting together on the same table without a fistfight breaking out between was already a testament to the level of my self constraints. Telling me to pay my respect to him? No, what he really meant to say is “know your place and concede inferiority”.
  • Everyone looked at me, Lin Fang in nervousness, and everyone else had a mocking smirk on their faces.
  • How dare a little part time security guard and driver like me defy the will of the all powerful future heir of the Chen’s? Was that silly man crazy? All around, are people looking at me, waiting for the moment that Chen Yuzhou would give the order to pounce on me.
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