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Chapter 9

  • Prince Philip made his way home after he had met with the village washer man.
  • As soon as he got home he went straight to meet his father in his throne room, the father was with their general, Leo, discussing the affairs of the kingdom.
  • "Father, I would like to speak with you privately", Philip said immediately he sighted his father. King Alexander seeing the serious look on his son face, told general Leo to excuse them. When Leo left them, he turned to face his son and asked him.
  • "What is it son? I don't like the look on your face".
  • "I know", Prince Philip said simply.
  • "You know? Oh, you mean you know of your arrange marriage I and the king of Crescent Moon kingdom are making between his beautiful daughter, Princess Erica and you? I was going to inform you soon son, when you are not always disappearing everyday from the castle", King Alexander said in flow.
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