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Chapter 21

  • "Rala". She heard a voice next to her ear. "Rala, wake up. We're alive. It's okay".
  • Rala blinked her eyes opened as stare at who spoke to her. It was Rava, holding her head in her thigh. She sat up straight. The sun was bright and shone in anger.
  • Someone was with them.
  • "You girls are okay, the water takes the living with it. If I wasn't here in time, I doubt you'd make it over to this other side. My name is Aaron and I am a shepherd".
  • "Well thank you so much Aaron, for saving our lives. I am Rala and this is my cousin Rava". Rala said and noticed they were in a hut. Noting her look, the shepherd smiled.
  • "You are in my humble home little miss Rala". Said Aaron as he glance at Rava also.
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