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Chapter 34

  • "Then it signify that she need our help. Selena inform Grace and Erica about the newest development while I inform Lucas about Judith sudden appearance".
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  • "What? Mother you know Grace just recovered from her injuries from the last fight we had with your sister and Darken, how do grandmother want her to fight alongside with us in her state of health?" Erica eruption in anger.
  • "Do you know that I have a fourth sister apart from Lillian and Lydia? We haven't heard from her for a very long time now and now she needs our help, we must help her". Selena told her daughter.
  • "I will come with you guys". A voice broke in from the door to them. Erica and Selena both turned to look at the owner of the voice which turns out to be of Grace's own.
  • "How long have you been standing there?" Selena asked.
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