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Chapter 2

  • Odin POV:
  • When a princess with the mark of Odin (eyes of the moon goddess) is born in the kingdom of Shadow Moon Crescent, that child will be highly celebrated and be given a respectable honor from all.
  • The kingdom of shadow moon crescent is being known as the second most powerful wolf kingdom in all lands. Their crown prince (Prince Eric) has been treating the poorly wolf like us unkindly. Most time I had wish to be in his twin sister shoe at least to help the needy people of Shadow Moon Crescent kingdom. Princess Erica like her brother (also his twin), has no sympathy for the poor. She deal with any one including, those old enough to be her great grandfather mercilessly.
  • She was truly beautiful and at times I wish I was her, beautiful with a lovely soul and character. Princess Erica knows that everyone hates her but she does not care, rather she becomes worse day by day.
  • Regardless of her beauty, many men had sought her hand in marriage. She had turned down all the whole marriage proposals and told her parents who she wants, Prince Philip.
  • Prince Philip was the prince of the most powerful wolf kingdom, Black Blood Moon Crimson Kingdom. Like I had once said, there are two most powerful wolf Kingdoms in all wolf lands. The first was Black Blood Moon Crimson and the second Shadow Moon Crescent.
  • The two kingdoms had fought for years trying to dominate each other for as long as I could remember but to no avail.
  • Well, you will be wondering who I am Right?
  • I lived with my grandmother in an isolated place, outside the kingdom, according to her 'for my own safety', sometimes I had wondered what safety she was always speaking of. Well my name is Odin and this is my story.
  • ****
  • Author POV:
  • Odin 7 years
  • "Mother, am I allowed to go outside and visit that great kingdom you told me of?" Little Odin asked
  • "Odin, you are not allowed to go anywhere or outside this place. I am trying to keep you safe, a time will come and you will be grateful to me".
  • Odin 15 years old
  • " Am I allowed now, I have been here my whole life, please let me just see inside the kingdom". Odin pleaded.
  • "Odin, it is not time yet, when you are 18 I will let you have a peak at it".
  • "Really mother? " Odin asked happily
  • "Yes really".
  • Odin 18 years old
  • "Mother, I don't know why you won't allowed me to go outside to meet my peers, I had told you that I can disguise myself that whosoever we are hiding away from won't know that it's me, I am perfectly good at that mother, please let me at least take a look around the kingdom I have so much heard about, please mother please". Odin said, kneeling down begging her grandmother.
  • The old lady sighed.
  • " Odin, get up"
  • "No, I won't until you approve of me going to take a look at the kingdom".
  • "Odin, I am doing all these to protect you from dangers and from harm. I came here to hide you away from the..."
  • "......World, that a time will come for me to show myself to the world, but for now, let me follow your word". Odin completed the word for her grandmother. " I know that mother, but you also know that I am an expert in disguising myself. The other day I disguised myself into a young man, I can do that again. Please ". Odin pleaded.
  • "Alright Odin you can go but promise me you won't go near Crescent palace",
  • Odin nodded her head, of course just to confuse the old lady that she wouldn't be near the palace. "I promise not to go near the palace mother".
  • "You can go Odin, and be very careful, child".
  • Odin nodded happily and ran inside their old house quickly to disguise herself into a beggar, a old begger, and quickly went out towards the kingdom before the old woman changed her mind.