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Chapter 6

  • I jolted and a second later heard the cup break.
  • “Don’t move.” Arius came over and picked me up by the waist and set me on the bed, so I wouldn’t step on the shattered china. He stood against the end of the bed, almost blocking me.
  • I looked to the door to see a man standing in it—he looked very similar to Arius.
  • He started toward me in long strides. “You were on the island?”
  • I continued to kneel on the bed, wondering if I should stand to even the field with the size of these people.
  • Arius straightened, took a pose that a man getting ready to fight would.
  • Two others came through the door. “Dad.” The blond said, reaching the angry looking man and grabbing his arm. “They’re going to ask her. Calm down.”
  • Troy and the tall, cold-looking redhead came through the door next.
  • “Emil.” Troy didn’t sound pleased. “She’s barely regained consciousness.”
  • The man, Emil, shook his head. “If she got off the island, then we know how to get on.”
  • Arius shook his head, his hands on his hips. “She dove off a cliff, barely missing the rocks at the bottom.”
  • Eyes wide I looked at him. I hadn’t seen rocks.
  • “Did you see this woman on the island?” He pulled out his phone and tapped the screen a few times. Coming over he gave Arius an odd look, then held his hand out toward me.
  • I took the phone and looked at the screen. My heart beat harder. I nodded. “Yes, she’s there.” I straightened my arm, giving him back the phone. “She’s only been there a few days. She’s treated better than most of the girls though.” I looked to Daxx, then Bethany. “I don’t know why some are treated better than others.”
  • Daxx sighed. “I think I do.” She turned to Troy. “I’m willing to bet those with changing eyes are prized more than the others.”
  • “What does that mean, exactly?” I climbed off the bed.
  • Arius put his hand out, so I wouldn’t move toward the glass. With his boot, he pushed a piece further from me.
  • I turned and looked at Crissy, “if the mages and witches’ eyes are purple, what is the significance of the others?”
  • “She’s human.” Emil said looking at Arius.
  • Arius nodded. “She is.”
  • “She doesn’t have to wear a device?” The tall blond next to Emil asked. “So, she was born on this side?”
  • I frowned. “What device? He just took the red bracelet thing off.”
  • He held up his arm, a small watch-like thing was on his wrist. “One of these.”
  • I shrugged slowly. “No idea what that is.” I looked to Arius. “This side, where?”
  • He rubbed the back of his neck and looked over at Troy.
  • Troy sighed. “I think we should go to the dining room and get comfortable.” He offered a small smile. “We have much to explain.”
  • I looked down at my feet. “Can I get some shoes first?” The sooner I got to see where I was, the faster I could figure out how to leave.
  • ~
  • I stared down the table, my mind was trying to process everything they’d just told me. So many eyes and they were all on me. The scary redhead, Victor sat at the opposite end of a huge table with at least twenty chairs. Currently all were filled but six. It had been decided that they would let the crazy man and his wife Alona, sleep. I wasn’t sure why he’d been so super-charged, and what it had to do with her being an empath, but not having that distraction was good. I was trying not to have a meltdown at the moment.
  • Emil and his two sons seemed interested in the explanations I was getting. Unlike me. they accepted everything that was said.
  • I held up my hands to the thirteen people looking at me. “I just need a minute.” I stood up and looked at the wall lined with portraits. Putting my hands on my hips, I lifted my chin and looked at the ceiling. Blowing out a breath, I tried to stop the information from swirling in my head. “Where to start?” I whispered more to myself than anyone in the room.