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Chapter 2

  • I opened my eyes, bolted upright, ready to run. I stumbled, then looked down. I was wrapped in a thick white robe.
  • “It’s okay. You’re safe.”
  • I looked to see a tall man with long black hair and a towel wrapped around his neck, standing at the end of a large bed. He had his hands out to his side, showing they were empty.
  • “Where am I?” I looked around. The room was huge.
  • “You’re` safe now.” A small, red-headed woman came over and sat on the bed. “I’m Bethany.”
  • I looked around, there were four more large men in the room and two women. The women were dressed in normal clothes, not grey jumpsuits. I looked down and lifted the edge of the robe.
  • “I tossed the coveralls you were wearing.” A blonde woman told me. “Once you’re warmed up, we’ll find you something else to wear.”
  • My legs were shaking. I watched as the man that had pulled me out of the water crossed his arms over his bare chest and looked at me. I should probably thank him. “Thank you.” I said in a rough voice. My throat hurt, reminding me how much water I’d tried to breathe.
  • He inclined his head and walked over to stand with the other men.
  • “I’ll be right back.” Bethany said and walked out of the room quickly.
  • The door was left open.
  • I knew this was not the island obviously, or the women wouldn’t be in here, dressed that way and free to leave. And there was no room that looked like this on that chunk of land filled with lunatics.
  • The males stood off to the side talking, I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but every few seconds one of them would look at me. Except the one with the long black hair and towel wrapped around his neck, his eyes hadn’t left me. Then again, he probably thought he’d jumped in to save an insane woman swimming in the bay.
  • The blonde motioned to the bed. “You’re still shaking.”
  • I hesitated for a moment, then decided to sit down on the edge of the bed. I turned so I could see everyone and pulled up my legs to tuck into the robe.
  • She sat on the end. “I’m Daxx. What’s your name?”
  • I looked to the males, then back to her. They definitely weren’t with the bunch from the island or they’d know my name. “Paisley,” I said quietly, “Roan.”
  • The men all turned to look at me. The one with the long blond hair cocked his head. “Did you say Roan?”
  • I nodded, not sure why that mattered.
  • “Troy?” Daxx turned to look at him.
  • He raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Giving the other men a brief glance, then he pulled out his phone.
  • I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but the other men watched him. The two women in the room didn’t seem to care what he said. I turned to look at the young one standing in the corner.
  • When she saw me look at her she smiled, “It’s okay now.” She nodded. “I’m so glad I saw you.” She bit her lip then looked like she was focusing on the space above my head. Her eyes moved over my face, and she nodded again and sat down on the floor.
  • The petite redhead came back in carrying a tray. “I’ve brought you some tea, to try and take the chill off.” She seemed concerned and sincere. With an understanding smile, she set it beside the bed and stood there. “I know you’re probably very confused and scared right now, but it’s going to be all right.”
  • “Yes. We’ll eventually get on that damn island and annihilate every one of those sick bastards.” The blonde woman nodded abruptly then frowned. “Troy, she’s wearing a red cuff.”
  • Troy and the redheaded man came over.
  • I moved over on the bed to put more space between us. They stopped.
  • “It can’t be ours…”
  • “It’s not one of mine.” The man that rescued me said. “But if they’re illegally making those as well, then she must have some gift they don’t want her using.”
  • I looked at my wrist then covered my hand with it. Was that why I couldn’t use my powers? “I can’t get it off.”
  • Bethany picked up a cup on the tray. “Try to sip this, your throat must hurt.
  • I took it and sniffed. It smelled good, so I took a small sip. The warm liquid felt good on my throat. “Thank you.”
  • Troy stepped back. “I agree with Arius, if they were afraid of her…”
  • The small one that had been sitting in the corner jumped up. “She could use it against them. She could use it against us, but I don’t think she will. There’s good all around her.” She nodded and sat back down.
  • The blond woman shrugged. “Crissy did see her and usually when she sees…”