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Chapter 10

  • Daxx hadn’t been kidding. I was pacing around the large room I’d awakened in earlier. The others had gone to have a nap, although I had no idea what time of day or night it was, sleep was a long way off for me. I’d been brought back to this room, even been allowed to lock the door. I stopped and stood in the middle of the room. This was a far cry from the room I rented. The bathroom alone was twice the size of my room.
  • Mentally recapping time. I was in another realm. I shrugged, that was cool, in a never-dreamt-possible sort of way. Huffing out a breath I walked toward the amazing closet—that I was told to pick whatever I wanted from… In another realm of good people, as opposed to those controlling the island. Daxx referred them as team bad, I had other descriptions for them, but hers seemed more polite. So the good people… were they even people?
  • I shook my head, I’d come back to that. The good ones from this realm were working to stop team bad. I could live with that. I’d even help if I was able. The idea of me, literally stopping those jerks in their tracks so they could be tossed off the island, held a great appeal to me.
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