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Chapter 21

  • The time was 12:17am and I and Cynthia were still catching up when Austin walked inside the room and said "Your husband is here"
  • "Really?" I said surprisingly but he ignored me and walked out of the room. I looked at Cynthia for some explanation but she just shrugged and said "That is who he is. It took me weeks to understand him"
  • "Okay. Where is my bag?"
  • "It's in the other room"
  • We both got out of the bed and walked out of the room. We walked to the gate with Austin and two other men and I saw Jason waiting for me by his car. His eyes lit up when he saw me but it turned to something unreadable when he saw the men that were with us.
  • He looked from me to Cynthia, from Cynthia to Austin and from Austin to the two other men with his quizzical look. He was trying to understand what was going on.
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