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Chapter 10

  • We slept in separate rooms that night and on the next day which was a Monday, I decided not to go to work because the paparazzi were lurking around our building
  • Jason headed to his home office when he got back home and I sat in front of the TV to see if any new information was going to come out but none did.
  • Later that night, I was reading through people's comments about our relationship when I came across another information. I clicked the link and saw The unknown girl's identity has been revealed: Her name is Lexi Ryan, who was one of the candidates that was interviewed for the position of Mr Stokes personal assistant about a month ago. Lexi Stokes and Lexi Ryan had fought on that day but no one knew that it was personal.
  • "Lexi Ryan!" I growled, got out of my bed and ran to the sitting room where Jason was sleeping. He sat up when he saw me coming and wondered what was going on
  • "You said that you didn't know who the girl is! That was a lie!"
  • "Lexi, I'm already working on this"
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