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Chapter 13

  • "Noah told Joanna about the pregnancy and his plan which Joanna turned down. But after a month, Joanna accepted the plan and Noah told McCarthy about it. McCarty like Joanna said 'no' but he later said yes because he knew how much love Noah had for Joanna. They opened an antenatal file for Joanna and she started pretending to be pregnant.
  • Ariana was surprised and happy when she started laboring for the second baby but the happiness wasn't for long because she was later told that the second baby was stillborn.
  • Two days later, Joanna went into labor and gave birth to my husband, Casper Hart"
  • My mouth was unconsciously wide opened from disbelief to surprise and I found it hard to close it.
  • "So, you mean that Jason has a twin?" I asked when I could finally speak
  • "Yes" she replied and handed me another photo of Jason. At least, that was what I thought at first "That is Casper, Casper Hart. He is Jason twin brother and he is the one behind everything that is happening in your house right now"
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