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  • (Leysa's POV)
  • "Sis... can I ask you something?" my sister asked me, I just looked at her direction and nodded. And again I closed my eyes while enjoying the sun rays hitting on my white skin.
  • I am here in the backyard of their house where the infinity shape pool was located. I just thought to swim and sunbathe today, you know just chilling and thinking the right things I should do because I still have nothing else to mind this days, when my sister approached me. What a disturbance in my great relaxation and actually talking to her is just a waste of my precious time but I have no choice, considering that there are only the two of us here at home, because her beloved husband, Frederik Wilford urgently went to his company even though he was still on vacation –he said there was a problem so he really needs to go and check it.
  • "Ah, I'm not interfering, Ysa but what really happened to you on your wedding day? Why didn't you show up? Why did you left Daniel waiting for you in the altar?" she curiously yet gently asked. If I am the old version of me, I would think that she was really concerned about the issue. But being a chameleon she was, I just shrugged it off and smiled as a response to her question even though my eyes still closed, I can feel her stares at me.
  • And actually I have no plans in answering her curiosity, that’s why I got up from lying in the sun lounger to show off to my sister my beautiful body curves, I am just wearing a red two-piece bikini that really looks amazing to me even though it is almost nothing to cover my body parts but it is still decent to look at especially I am the one wearing the fabric. And when I faced my older sister, I noticed the envious look on her face, and the irritation she felt when she saw my young and fresh beautiful sexy body. Well, I think she can't even believe the big transformation I have now compared from the conservative, sweet, innocent, naive little sister of hers before. Anyways, that's life, everything change so as I.
  • I turned my back on her and walked closer to the pool that’s why I am now staring at its clear blue water, while there was like a pirated movie repeatedly playing on it –and it was the scene I had witnessed that night, a year ago. And I felt it again the emotions I released that time, it’s still here with me –just buried deep in my broken heart.
  • That’s why I just can’t help it but to say something to Diana, "What if you see your beloved man with another woman? Let's say my brother-in-law, Frederik Wilford… you saw him having an affair with someone close to you, what will you do sis?" I seriously asked still not looking at her but I could suddenly feel the raging madness possessing in her aura because of what I have just said to her.
  • “W-what kind of question is that, Ysa?!” she asked with a hymn of anger in her voice.
  • "Come on sis, Fred loves you so much; you said that to me remember? So don't worry, he will not cheat on you. I just suddenly asked about infidelity and cheating, you know… cause it’s now happening in our surroundings, so you better be careful about whom you should trust, nowadays. Cause not everyone you think is good are also trustworthy enough, not to betray you," I sarcastically joked at my older sister that maybe, just maybe was already in a deep anxiousness right now. I think I just blurted out something like a bad joke to her, but who cares though. Anyways, I also can’t help but silently whisper in my mind the words –He will not cheat on you but I will make him do.Yes, I will make him cheat on you with me, of course!
  • "But still. It is not a good joke, Leysa. You know that I really love Fred so much that I’d rather kill myself if I see him happy with someone else. Or maybe I could kill who ever makes a move closer to my husband and seduced him. Frederik Wilford is just mine, mine and mine alone always remember that. Anyways, just forget about what I have asked you awhile ago and don't you ever asked me again that kind of questions about unfaithfulness, cause my husband is faithful to me!" Diana’s long litany that just proved something to me, that Fred was really the right puppet for my revenge to hurt her and make her pay the debt she owes me big time.
  • "See sis? You can’t also take it, the thought of betrayal and cheating of someone you truly love. Well, that’s what I felt when I saw my ex-fiance having sex with someone so close to me in the dark secluded place in the island,” I coldly said while I just whisper the last sentence of it and dive in the pool, without looking at her reaction or waiting for her response.