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Chapter 6

  • (Frederik's POV)
  • I am hanging out with myself here in the veranda, just chillin’, ventilating and sipping the leftover wine in my cup. Shit! I really can't help but think of Leysa's meaningful words from earlier. I know, she wanted to point out something but I also know she doesn't want to directly say it to me. But however I thought about it, I could not really get what she wanted to convey. Anyways she's really something, I might say.
  • And yet, with her simple words alone it already made me lustfully attracted to her, and this is bad –so bad!
  • I was in that state of mind when suddenly someone sat down next to me. And when I looked at who it was, I just felt a shivering heat in my entire body even though the breeze touching my skin here in the veranda was cold –and it's her, Leysa Frank, my wife's sister.
  • "Can I have some, brother-in-law?" she asked, asking permission to also drink the wine I am drinking. And not saying a word, I just nodded as an answer but I did not expect her to put some wine into the same cup I am currently using.
  • And by just looking at her doing it and drinking into it, turns me on. Because just thinking that we are having an indirect kiss through that goblet, makes me hard and wanting to taste her luscious thin natural pinkish lips. Damn it!
  • She's a total good tease for a breakable man like me.
  • "So, how are you and my sister, brother? Is she a good wife?" I was distracted by fantasizing about her when she suddenly asked about Diana and me.
  • Oh shit! I forgot about my wife.
  • And it was like an alarm when my cellphone rang.
  • "Wait, Leys. I'll just take this call –it’s your older sister, Diana," I said to Leysa as if asking permission to answer the call of someone who just disturbed our conversation. Shit! This is bad, it was my wife for Christ sake! But Leysa just nodded silently and continued drinking.
  • So I went to the part of the veranda, far away from Leysa. And I answered my wife's call, "Hey, babe! How are you there?" I calmly asked.
  • ["I'm okay here, babe. I'm sorry I just gotta called you, now. We were really busy awhile ago –so is my sister already there? How is she? Have you already eaten dinner?" she gently responded.]
  • "Your sister was fine, just a little tired... from the flight. So she slept the whole day and yes, we ate each other --ahh! I mean we already ate earlier. And now we are having some catching up here in the veranda. Want to talk to her, babe?"
  • Shit! Really, what am I saying? I just hope that my wife won’t think differently about what I just blurted out. And I was relieved when she just agreed that she wanted to talk to her sister.
  • So I immediately gave Leysa my phone, which she accepted and put the phone near her ear.
  • "Hello, sister," she said while looking straight at me and biting her lower lip that made me a little bit unease. I don't know but her stares are enticing, it's like hypnotizing me. That’s why I also can’t take my eyes off her, it’s as if there’s a magnetic field between us.
  • "Ahh. Yes, sister. Fred was really delicious – I mean the food he just cooked. That’s why I can’t stop from eating him… the food until the last piece. Hmm," she said still talking to the phone while looking at me. I don't know what Diana was asking her, but based on what she said, Diana seems to be asking if she already had eaten, but as long as I can remember - she is the one who cooked our food, and not me. What is she trying to pull out now?
  • “Yes, yes sister. See you tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll take care of my brother-in-law. Yes sis, I will watch over him carefully. I won’t let that happen, don’t be jealous, cause I won't let any woman go near my brother-in-law. Just enjoy the cold breeze of Baguio, and please bought me some strawberries. Thanks. Yeah, in behalf of you, I will make my older brother happy tonight. Just kidding. Okay. Bye!" And Leysa immediately returned my phone to me after the long conversation she had with my wife. I just said goodbye to Diana and she just reminded me to take care of her sister in behalf of her for the meantime.
  • Leysa was just looking at the sky when I returned to my seat beside her.
  • "So brother, how are you and my sister?" she asked again that made me looked at her.
  • "We are fine. She's a good wife, I might say," I honestly answered to her.
  • "--And we have never had a problem that damaged our relationship." I jokingly added.
  • "Oh how nice it is, brother-in-law but… I am already here," she said meaningfully.
  • "Huh?"