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  • (Diana's POV)
  • "Oh, hi baby, I thought we should only meet once a month? Why did you visit me today? Did you miss me?" Daniel greeted and asked immediately after he welcomed me with a hug when he saw me in front of his condo unit. By the way, he is Leysa's ex-fiancé. Well, Leysa is my sister on paper and the real heiress of the Frank’s. And by the way, Daniel was my childhood friend in the orphanage back then and he just got rich because he was lucky with his adoptive parents, they died without having a real child –unlike me, after a few years of being the Frank’s only adopted child, my mom found out that she was pregnant with Leysa, that bitchy sister of mine.
  • "My sister is so annoying! When do you plan to attract that witch again, Dan?" I annoyingly said to him while sitting on the sofa next to him while he was kissing my shoulder that gives a tingling sensation to me.
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