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  • One year later...
  • (Frederik's POV)
  • “Babe, Leysa is coming home now, isn’t she?” I asked my wife Diana who was busy in the kitchen.
  • Perfect, that’s Diana, the woman I chose to marry. Even though our wedding was just so sudden, I gradually fell in love with the woman, who did nothing, but to love and take care of me. And also I need her the most, during the almost two years we were together we never quarreled, because she always understood me being a workaholic freak. Especially when I was needed by my company, she never criticized me or argued with me for putting my work ahead of her. Understanding, that’s one thing I also liked about her.
  • "Yup, babe, I really miss that sister of mine. And I still worry about her because she suddenly left on her wedding day without any notice. When I know she really loves Daniel. I also feel sorry for that man because he and his family were embarrassed when Ysa did not show up at their wedding," Diana answered.
  • By the way, a year ago my wife’s sister, Leysa Frank should have married Daniel Apolonio. But for no apparent reason she did not appear and when we looked in her room, she wasn’t there, not even her belongings. And the only thing left was her engagement ring and a letter saying, she does not want to marry Daniel anymore because she doesn’t really feel any love for the man. That's all it says in the letter- no sorry written or further explanation why she suddenly left us all behind. So it leaves us no choice but to cancel the wedding.
  • And for the past year we have not heard any news about her. We only knew that she’s in abroad, but we just don't know where she was exactly. I wanted to trace her exact location but Diana stopped me, she said to not interfere with them, especially we didn’t know the real reason for Leysa's disappearance.
  • And now is her return, which we only found out because mom and dad, Leysa and Diana's parents told us. They asked if Leysa could stay with us for the mean time because their mansion in Laguna is still under renovation. And of course, we agreed because she’s a family, Diana’s sister, my sister-in-law.
  • "Just let it go, babe, maybe Leysa has a valid reason why those things happened before," I just said and hugged my wife from behind.
  • "Yeah you are right, but can you fetch her later at the airport, babe? I'm going to a conference in Baguio and maybe I'll be home tomorrow," Diana politely asked me.
  • "Oh, can you not go to your conference? You know, I will miss you, babe," I replied while kissing her neck.
  • She laughed and faced me with a smile on her face.
  • "But I can't just rely on your wealth, you know! I need to work, too babe. But we can do some you know before I go," she offered and who am I to refuse that, right?
  • So we kissed, like we've never kissed before. I touched every part of her body. Diana and I often make love because I am always busy at work. Sometimes we do some foreplay and just ended up making out. So the chances that we have sex, like today should not be missed even if we are just in the kitchen, we continued what we are doing not minding if someone will caught us. Good thing, we don't have any helper so we are free to do things, passionate things like sex.
  • I was about to take off her dress when she stopped me.
  • "Wait, babe! Don't take off my clothes, just pull down my panties," she said.
  • So according to what she wanted, I just took off her panties and took out my already erected manhood that was ready to enter her hole. Without much foreplay and such, I immediately inserted my penis into her vagina. We were doing it in a dog style position in the kitchen counter. I know I was not the first man to have Diana. But I just kept silent about it, because I also had a lot of women with whom I had a relationship back when I was in high school till before we got married, two years ago.
  • Our grunts and moans filled the kitchen area.
  • "Ah. Ahh. Hmm --I'm cumming, babe!" Diana said.
  • "Yeah, me too, babe! Let's do it together," I replied and accelerated the movement of my manhood inside her –in and out, that she also accompanied with the same intensity and speed.
  • "Ahh.... Hmm." And after one last straw, we cum together!
  • I have already taken Diana to the bus terminal going to Baguio an hour after we have sex and now I am here at the airport, where I am waiting for Leysa to come out. She already texted me earlier, saying that the plane she was riding in had landed.
  • I am patiently waiting for her in the arrival area when someone poked me from behind.
  • And before I could turn around to see who it was --I could already smell the fragrant perfume coming from behind me so I immediately looked back.
  • And I was mesmerized to the face of a very beautiful woman in front of me, who was also smiling at me from ear to ear. And before I could recognize who it was, she hugged me tightly and I felt an intense lust when her soft skin touched my skin. I couldn't help myself from hugging her back, not minding the stares of the people around us.
  • "Hello big brother! I missed you," she blurted out as we parted in each other's arms.
  • "Wow! Just wow, Leys! You look so damn gorgeous. I didn’t even recognized you immediately. The cold climate suits you well, huh." I couldn’t help but compliment her.
  • Leysa was really beautiful ever since. She was even more beautiful compared to my wife, to her older sister. Especially now that her porcelain-like skin came out even more, and because of her fitted blouse and jeans, her beautiful body shape was more noticeable. Shit! Just thinking of how she looks so sexy in that simple outfit really made me hard. And her long curly hair up to her waist suited her very well. What a total transformation that I'm sure will make all the men here who's staring at her, go crazy to know her name.
  • My fantasies about her suddenly shattered into pieces when she poked me and softly calling my name and saying something.
  • "Hey Fred! Let's go! I am so tired, you know," she mumbled and started walking towards the parking lot.
  • (Leysa's POV)
  • I am simply watching Frederik Wilford while he is getting out my things from the compartment of his car. I didn’t know what to feel and how would I feel, now that I am back together with the painful secret I chose to brought with me when I decided to leave them all behind, a year ago. And now that I am back, with the revenge plans I formed during the times I was gone in their lives.
  • I can start my revenge by getting close to this handsome, hot, rich guy named Frederik Wilford, my sister's husband.