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Chapter 10 Kate Burton

  • After some tiring days—her wedding and her best friend's—finally, she was back to her monotonous routine. She had to return to work, and it was her first-day meeting Kate Burton, the celebrity she was going to work for. Of course, she was not alone. There were two others with her to be her assistants. And the meeting, besides introductions, would also discuss the job desk of each assistant.
  • "Anna will be the manager taking care of the work and contracts with partners." Jenny, the CEO, began handing out assistant duties after introductions and pleasantries. "While others will help with other tasks," she continued. She made that decision because Anna was more experienced than the others.
  • Kate glanced at the three assistants, Anna, Helen, and Ben, then turned back to Jenny. "Are you sure they deserve the job?" She sounded doubtful and belittled the three of them.
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