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Chapter 51 Again

  • Tatiana Kamerie
  • I opened my eyes slowly and sat up on my bed. I felt my head hurting because of the alcohol that I consumed yesterday. I drank a lo- Ian! I looked around and he's not in the room. I got up from the bed and ran out from my room.
  • I looked around the kitchen.. the guess room and I took a breath of relieve when I saw him at the balcony looking outside. I walked towards him and stood beside him.
  • "Good morning." I said and he just stood there.
  • "So what do you want for breakfast? Waffle? Pancakes?" I asked as I turned my head to him. He turned to me and I found his eyes were puffy. He pulled me into a hug and he hugged me tightly. I smiled and hugged him back.
  • I felt his chest rising up and down. I patted his back trying to calm him down. I heard him crying and my heart crunched.
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