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Chapter 43 Goodbye

  • Tatiana Kamerie
  • I landed in New York with a lot of paparazzi shoving their cameras and mics to my face. They asked me a ton of questions about my relationship with Deandre. I just wore my sunglasses and let my bodyguards shoved them away. I got into the car and asked my chauffeur to go straight to my dad's office.
  • It has been 2 months since I stayed in Bora-bora but now I'm ready to come back to reality after running away for a while. I checked my notifications and decided to ignore everything related to me on the news.
  • As soon as I arrived at my dad's place.. there's a lot of police. It made me confuse and I walked into the building. I pressed the lift button and when the lift door opened.. my dad was arrested.
  • "Dad! What happened?" I asked completely confuse about the situation. My dad looked at me with hate and anger.
  • "Dad!" I called but the police shove me to the side. I ran towards my dad again and tried to stop the police from bringing him away.
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