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Chapter 44 Comeback

  • Deandre Romeo
  • I looked at the divorce paper and sighed. I'm officially divorced. I looked at Tatiana's sign on the paper and touched it hoping it would disappear. I know that I will regret everything later on but this is my choice.
  • I sued James.. and took back my parents' case out to the court. There's a scenario in my head where I want to kill James so bad for killing my parents when my parents didn't do anything wrong. Killing James means throwing myself to jail.
  • If I do that, there's a big percentage of me going to jail and if I'm still with Tatiana, she won't have a lot of freedom and everything. It's better for us to separate and let her have a new life with another man even though I hate that fact.
  • Besides if she's with me.. She's with a guy who's going to kill her own father or throw her father to jail. I don't think she can handle it so I made a scenario where I'm the one who cheated on her so she's the one who is innocent in front of media and everything. Her life won't be difficult. Since I'm the one who 'cheat', people will mock me.. think I'm an asshole which I don't really care about. All I want is a revenge for James.
  • I closed my eyes and felt tears come out from my eyes. I wiped it and sighed. I just hope she can live happily after this.
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