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Chapter 9 Long Time No See

  • Seeing his attitude, Myra knew she wouldn't be able to get his contact information.
  • Feeling dejected, she was just about to pull her hand back when Marcus reached out and took it.
  • “Mr. Gerhard!” she exclaimed with joy. “I've left my number for you. Once you're no longer upset with me, please make sure to give me a call. Thank you! Thank you!”
  • Marcus took the gift, his slender fingers turning pale as they tightened around it. “Five years have passed. Do you think these grievances would just disappear if you say so? What do you take me, Marcus, for?”
  • With that, he abruptly set the wine glass aside and stood up to leave.
  • Myra stood still, contemplating his words. Five years? Didn't he claim to have long since forgotten who I was? Yet, he's been harboring resentment for five years... Perhaps this man hates me for ending his first marriage without reason.
  • Myra didn't chase after him. Watching his solitary and indifferent silhouette, she felt a sudden pang in her heart as if pricked by a needle. She admitted to herself that she had indeed gone too far this time.
  • Moreover, upon her return this time, she intended to leave the child with him. Undoubtedly, this would add to the burdens of his life.
  • Even though Dennis was so sensible and adorable, Marcus didn't know about the child's existence over the past five years.
  • Myra was internally conflicted, but she turned her head and rejoined the crowd at the cocktail party, engaging in brief conversations with a few interviewers.
  • As the time for the performance neared, Myra approached Heather.
  • At that moment, Heather was engrossed in a conversation with Kelsey, whispering, “Kelsey, as per your instructions, I've already given the gift to Myra. As long as she hands it over to the interviewer, she's basically out of the competition.”
  • Kelsey flashed a satisfied smile. She was adamant about not allowing Myra to set foot in her circle.
  • Looking at Myra standing behind her and seeing that the gift box was then missing, Heather deliberately asked, “Myra, what happened to the gift you were holding?”
  • “I've given it to someone,” Myra said.
  • When Heather handed it to her, Heather hadn't specified to whom it must be given. Hence, Myra chose to present the gift to Marcus. On the one hand, it wouldn't offend other interviewers, and on the other hand, it served as an apology for the mistakes made in the past.
  • Regardless of what was inside the box, the crucial point was that Marcus could contact her when he read the card attached to the box.
  • Heather gave a satisfied smile. “Well done, Myra. You should rest now. But remember, we have a second audition in five days.”
  • In reality, Heather was well aware that the moment Myra gave out the gift, she was effectively out of the game. The second audition would have nothing to do with Myra anymore.
  • “Myra, long time no see!”
  • As Myra turned to leave, Kelsey called out to her. Her tone was gentle as if they were sisters.
  • Myra simply couldn't be bothered with Kelsey anymore. At that moment, Kelsey had instantly leveled up her status. The once meek and humble demeanor was nowhere to be found.
  • By then, Kelsey, as the daughter of the Lindner family, had all the resources and wealth her father could muster poured onto her. If she wasn't at least somewhat famous, it would be rather inexplicable.
  • Myra turned around, a vibrant smile playing on her red lips. “Long time no see.”