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Chapter 6 The Reunion

  • However, by the time Marcus arrived downstairs, Myra had already vanished without a trace.
  • Just as it was five years ago, as if she had never existed at all.
  • This time, she didn't linger for him any longer than necessary.
  • Why, then, did she even bother to return? Marcus returned to his office, his icy gaze closed off.
  • His furrowed brows finally relaxed after a while. He didn't know how long his phone had been vibrating before he regained his senses. His voice was hoarse as he answered the video call. “Mom, what's up?” he asked.
  • On the phone screen, an elegant and distinguished elderly woman, Angela Patmore, looked at her son's serious expression and asked concernedly, “Why do you look so upset?”
  • “I'm fine.” Casually, Marcus picked up the coffee that was beside him, pretending to be nonchalant as he took a sip. However, his mind was in complete turmoil.
  • Angela then chuckled briskly. “Since there's nothing wrong, I'll get straight to the point. Lynnette is about to return to the country. Find some time for the two of you to meet. It's about time you settled down.”
  • “Mom, I am married.” Marcus set down his cup, his dark eyes brimming with emotion.
  • Angela nodded, conceding, “I know. You're right. Her name is Myra, right? But why don't you bring her home for me to meet? Otherwise, I might think you were just trying to cheer your father up.”
  • Marcus' thin lips tightened slightly, his complexion darkening a notch.
  • “I understand you might not want to hear me say this, but it's the truth. Five years ago, when your father was gravely ill, you brought home two marriage certificates to cheer him up. Now, your father has made a good recovery. You should start considering your own needs. Besides, do you really want your child to grow up without a mother?” Angela asked.
  • With a few swift movements, Marcus pulled out a stack of documents and placed them in front of his phone. “Mom, I've still got work to deal with. Go ahead with your tasks. I'm hanging up now.”
  • After speaking, the slender fingers immediately hung up the phone.
  • He rose from his office chair and stepped out into the bustling street. As his cool gaze swept over the crowd, it seemed as if he could see her everywhere and yet nowhere at all.
  • Meanwhile, Myra couldn't see Marcus, so she had no choice but to attend to her work first.
  • A month before returning to her home country, she had already secured an internship at a modeling agency, thanks to her strikingly beautiful face and slender figure.
  • At that moment, she had to rush off to a fashion show for a luxury brand.
  • The fashion show was pivotal for her future growth in the domestic market. If successful, she would receive a substantial reward. Therefore, she had no choice but to give it her all.
  • At seven in the evening, she arrived punctually at the luxurious Splendor Hotel.
  • No sooner had Myra entered the hall than she captivated the attention of everyone present. Her agent, Heather Nichols, made a beeline for her without hesitation. Myra's face was too distinctive to be mistaken for anyone else.
  • “Myra?” Heather approached her and added, “I've looked into your background overseas, and I must say, with such a fine demeanor and beauty, it would be a real waste if you didn't seize this opportunity.”
  • “Thanks for your faith in me, Heather,” Myra said, a hint of a smile playing on her red lips. “I'm afraid I'll be needing your help in the future.”
  • “No worries. From now on, you're part of my crew. I guarantee you'll live a comfortable life,” Heather said with a smile. “All right, there are seats inside. Come in with me. I'll share some of my experience with you to ensure you pass the assessment successfully.”
  • Myra nodded, following behind Heather as they walked on the red carpet. Despite it being her first experience in this industry, her steps were steady, and her demeanor exuded confidence and radiance.
  • After escorting Myra to the lounge on the second floor, Heather had to step out to wait for the others.
  • Just as Heather was about to descend the stairs, the door to the lavish dressing room opened. Out stepped a woman, elegantly dressed in a fitted red dress, exuding a gentle and charming aura.
  • This woman was none other than the current star of the modeling world, Kelsey.