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Chapter 4 Giving The Child Back To Him

  • There and then, she decided to terminate her pregnancy.
  • “Ms. Lindner, the child is already five months along. If you choose to terminate the pregnancy now, it would significantly increase the risk to both children.”
  • At that moment, her beautiful eyes lost their usual sparkle. The image of Marcus' face echoed in her mind, throwing her thoughts into further disarray.
  • By then, she knew it was useless to regret not taking medication afterward, and her remorse for that one incident with Marcus was of no use.
  • Several months later, Myra was ushered into the delivery room. She was about to become a mother.
  • Five years later, at the airport, amidst the throng of people, a casually dressed figure emerged, pushing two suitcases. Perched atop one of the cases was a young boy clad in a yellow jacket, black jeans, and beige sneakers.
  • Within the crowd, Myra's figure was strikingly beautiful and delicate. Her casually tied ponytail was simple yet neat, and her petite, clean face had gained a touch of mature grace compared to the past.
  • On a suitcase, a charming little boy sat atop. His features were as if they were finely sculpted. Occasionally, he would tilt his head back to look at Myra. His large, twinkling eyes were incredibly endearing.
  • As he moved through the crowd, his ability to turn heads became unparalleled at the airport.
  • In the distance, a girl was holding up a sign. It read: Myra and Dennis!
  • The little tyke swung his tiny legs and slid down from the suitcase, tilting his small face to look at Myra. Pointing his chubby finger at the sign, he uttered, “Mommy, that lady is waiting for us!”
  • Myra smirked. Her son was young, yet he knew a surprising amount of words.
  • She let out a soft sigh. Five years had passed, and she never thought she'd return.
  • “Myra! Dennis!” A figure dashed over, promptly scooping up the little one from the ground.
  • Upon seeing her long-lost best friend, Shannon Zucker, Myra clutched her hand.
  • Shannon, with a smile, gently pinched Dennis Lindner's cheek. “Your son is even more handsome in person than in the videos. I bet there are quite a few people who'd want to whisk him away.”
  • “I'm quite a looker, so naturally, my son wouldn't be any less!” Myra said in jest.
  • “Hello, Aunt Shannon!” With his little face lifted, Dennis greeted her, then quickly regained his poker face.
  • Shannon couldn't help but exclaim, “Impressive! He's just my type, the epitome of a domineering CEO!”
  • “Stop it. My son is still young. Don't even think about targeting him,” Myra said, her laughter ringing out. As she looked at her son's stern face, it bore a striking resemblance to a certain someone, which was why the man's face still lingered in her mind to that day. However, Marcus is merely a bodyguard for the Gerhard family.
  • Shannon drove Myra and Dennis to a newly opened specialty restaurant to welcome them home and help them shake off the journey's dust.
  • While they were waiting for their food, Shannon lowered her voice and asked, “Are you really willing to give him the baby?”
  • “My hands are tied.” Myra's eyes welled up with tears, yet she managed to force a faint smile onto her lips. “I can't leave Dennis an orphan, and no matter what, he is Dennis' father.”
  • “Come find me at the hospital tomorrow. I'll give you another check-up. I can't believe it...” Shannon was heartbroken.
  • “The diagnosis is already confirmed. It's a malignant brain tumor. The pressure on my optic nerve from the tumor will soon render me blind. Even if you were to examine me again, the result would remain the same. Given the limited time I have, I'd rather work hard and save up some money for Dennis. His father is just a bodyguard and probably doesn't have much money...” Myra casually said, her face devoid of any trace of sorrow that one would expect from a person suffering from a terminal illness. Instead, she wore a gentle smile throughout.
  • The pain she had endured in the past was something only she herself truly understood.
  • Shannon's heart ached beyond words. She picked up a shrimp and began peeling it for Dennis. “I gave him the divorce agreement. It's been five years since then. What if he's already married now?”