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Chapter 3 Still A Delicate Wife

  • “Bodyguard?” Marcus raised an eyebrow, his gaze cool and detached. He gave Myra a humorous glance.
  • Myra chuckled innocently. “You know, you have the face of a powerful CEO, but you're just a bodyguard. However, I don't mind that at all.”
  • Marcus' assistant, Nathaniel Redford, was standing nearby when he trembled at what he heard. She doesn't mind? Who would say such words to the head of the Gerhard family?
  • Marcus raised an eyebrow, the curve of his lips just right, his pupils hiding Myra's smiling face. “Out of so many people, why me?”
  • “Because you're kind of handsome,” Myra struggled to say, her petite face growing even more flushed.
  • Narrowing his cool gaze, Marcus knew the moment the girl settled into his arms that she had been drugged.
  • She was actually lucky to have crossed paths with him.
  • Myra's body was under the full effect of the medicine. All she wanted was to sleep with the man in front of her as soon as possible. She asked while enduring the discomfort, “So... Are you saying yes?”
  • “Sure.” Marcus took out the already filled-out documents from her hand and handed them to his assistant behind him. “Go process the marriage paperwork!” he ordered.
  • Behind him, Nathaniel was taken aback, receiving the documents with utter astonishment.
  • In less than three minutes, two marriage certificates, each stamped with a steel seal, were respectfully handed over to Marcus.
  • In the next moment, he swiftly lifted Myra in his arms and left City Hall. He then gently placed her in the back seat of the Rolls-Royce.
  • “Back to the manor!” Marcus ordered. After giving the order, he immediately pressed down on the car's panel. Judging by her impatient demeanor, this young lady could not wait any longer. He knew he had to resolve the situation there and then.
  • A ripple flickered across his profound and icy gaze as he held credentials in hand. Not too bad...
  • An hour later, Myra's tightly clenched fingertips gradually relaxed, falling into a deep sleep beside Marcus.
  • Though Marcus was not entirely satisfied, he knew his wife wasn't going anywhere. There would be plenty of opportunities in the future.
  • However, at this point, the Rolls-Royce had already been stuck in traffic for three hours.
  • His patience had worn thin. He lifted the visor, his voice deep as he asked, “Are we still stuck in traffic?”
  • “Yes. There's no way through, neither forward nor backward,” Nathaniel reported from the passenger seat.
  • Marcus then lowered the screen, casting a glance at Myra, who was deep in slumber. She looked as innocent as a sleeping kitten. Her long eyelashes were slightly damp. Did I hurt her?
  • He took out her documents again and flipped through them. She's only twenty. No wonder she has the look of an adult yet cried like a child in pain earlier on. It turns out it was all an act. She's a young wife!
  • Marcus was thoroughly enjoying gazing at the small face before him when his phone started to ring. The sudden noise slightly disturbed Myra, who was beside him, causing her to turn over in surprise.
  • He gently draped his coat over her, careful not to wake her, before grabbing his phone and exiting the car.
  • At that moment, the traffic was at a standstill. Many drivers had stepped out of their vehicles, lighting up cigarettes to pass the time. Yet, amidst the crowd, Marcus' impressive demeanor still managed to stand out.
  • When he closed the car door, Myra, who had been sound asleep, opened her eyes.
  • Whose car is this? Myra sat up, a scene from City Hall surfacing in her mind. I ended up in the arms of the Gerhard family's bodyguard. After that, I insistently persuaded him to get a marriage certificate. Wait... Did I sleep with him? Gosh! How could I have slept with a man she didn't know?
  • After she had regained her composure, she hastily gathered her documents, ready to leave. Among the pile of documents, a marriage certificate slipped out. She paused, immediately pulled it out, and knew she had to take it with her right away.
  • She glanced toward the window, where the towering silhouette of a man stood, his handsome features striking. Unfortunately, she felt no affection for him. She thought it was best to make a quick exit.
  • After getting out of the car, Myra purchased a plane ticket to Astoria. Upon landing, she prepared a stack of documents, personally handwriting a divorce agreement, which she entrusted to her friend to deliver to Marcus, the bodyguard of the Gerhard family.
  • Five months later, in the doctor's office, a lab report lay flat before Myra's eyes, revealing the unexpected news. She was pregnant.