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Chapter 12 Just Like Five Years Ago

  • The image of her delicate face, hidden deep within his heart, refused to fade away. It had remained there, undisturbed, for five long years.
  • At that moment, this stunning woman with rosy lips and pearly teeth had shown up, stirring up memories of the past, making him yearn to teach her a harsh lesson.
  • Myra gazed into his profound eyes, feeling his overwhelming aura. “Mr. Gerhard, I have other matters to attend to. Could you please give me your phone number so I can—”
  • Before she could finish speaking, his cold lips had already claimed hers as if delivering a harsh punishment.
  • “Marcus, you jerk!” Myra pushed him away with all her strength. The air was filled with a tantalizing scent, causing her heartbeat to flutter erratically.
  • “Don't you fancy me?” Marcus' voice was a husky whisper. “The bathroom's over there. Why don't you take a shower first?”
  • “Shower?” Myra felt a hint of danger. What's our relationship, really? Even our marriage was nothing more than a mishap.
  • She looked at Marcus, puzzled, and asked, “Mr. Gerhard, what do you mean by this?”
  • “What's the matter, Ms. Lindner? You were so forward. Why are you playing dumb with me here?”
  • Myra frowned. “I sought you out because I needed to discuss something with you. But I have no intention of being involved with you, even if we do have a marriage certificate. I'm simply not interested in you.”
  • “So, are you so forward with everyone?” Marcus' gaze faltered for a moment, and there was an inscrutable depth in his eyes. Is she truly disinterested, or is she an easy woman?
  • “Mr. Gerhard, it was you who invited me up here.” Myra's smile widened. “Could it be that this is your strategy for charming women? Are you playing hard to get?”
  • This man's handsome appearance could be considered a formidable adversary for other men and a challenge for women. Countless women had fallen for his charming face.
  • Marcus flung the gift box she had given him onto the floor, causing a thud. “Ms. Lindner, tell me. Who exactly is playing hard to get here?” he asked. Could it be that she intended to give this to another man?
  • “What do you mean? I've admitted that what I did was wrong, and this gift is my way of apologizing,” Myra said honestly, but his steady approach made her legs quiver slightly.
  • “Apology? Well, I accept your apology. Now, I'll give you an opportunity.” With that, Marcus firmly grasped her slender waist, pulling her close to him.
  • Feeling the warmth of his large hand, Myra lowered her gaze to the box on the ground, her cheeks instantly flushing a deep shade of red.
  • Inside the beautifully crafted gift box lay a set of risqué lingerie. The promotional advertisement designed on the top of the box was downright blush-inducing.
  • No wonder Marcus' words carried profound implications! Myra was about to reach for the gift box, but his large hand seized hers.
  • She looked at him with embarrassment when she said, “Mr. Gerhard, there's been a misunderstanding. This isn't what I intended to give you.”
  • Why did Heather give that to me? After a moment of contemplation, Myra suddenly understood something. Regardless of which interviewer she gave the gift to that night, she would be disqualified, even potentially banished from this circle forever. Well, who is the most eager to see that outcome? Of course, it's Kelsey!
  • “Mr. Gerhard, this was handed to me by my agent. She said it would be helpful for the audition, leaving a good impression. However, I was not aware of what was inside. I will personally choose a gift for you in the future to show my sincerity,” Myra explained.
  • At that particular moment, she had no idea how terribly this man could be thinking of her.
  • Heather was indeed a jinx. She nearly ruined Myra's future, and to make matters worse, she sabotaged the hard-earned opportunity Myra had to meet with Marcus.
  • Marcus' profound gaze was stirred with emotions as he listened to her explanation. A complex affection was born in his heart. He actually hoped that the gift was something she had specifically thought of giving him, rather than it being a result of some misunderstanding.
  • Just as Myra was about to retrieve the gift box, he swiftly took it away. “I guess this wasn't meant for me. After all, I prefer seeing you naked, just like how you were five years ago...”