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Chapter 10 Are You Married

  • Heather, who was standing off to the side, keenly noticed the tension in the exchange between the two. No wonder Kelsey was adamant about not letting Myra into their circle.
  • Kelsey chuckled and said, “If you end up liking this job, Myra, I hope Heather won't mind looking out for you a bit more in the future.”
  • Myra understood that upon returning this time, some things were destined not to go too smoothly.
  • Initially, she hadn't chosen Heather as her agent. In fact, she chose a male agent. However, due to unforeseen circumstances on his part, she was handed over to Heather. She wanted to investigate Heather's background thoroughly, but before she could, she encountered Kelsey.
  • Regardless of what awaited her, she simply didn't care anymore.
  • “Kelsey!” From behind her, a deep voice echoed, so familiar that it involuntarily conjured up the man's face in her mind.
  • It was Stephen.
  • Myra looked up, and sure enough, Stephen had naturally taken Kelsey's hand. It was clear then that their union five years ago wasn't a result of drunken revelry, but a premeditated plan.
  • Originally, Myra, who was calm and invincible, revealed a crack in her gaze the moment Stephen appeared.
  • He was the first and, so far, the only boy she had ever loved. She had given so much, only to be repaid with deception and betrayal. She didn't know how long this pain would continue to torment her.
  • “Mr. Strauss, you're so attentive,” said Heather. “You two have been together for five years, and you still pick Kelsey up from work every day. I'm envious!”
  • Stephen turned around and smiled. There and then, he saw Myra, and a flicker of surprise flashed through his profound gaze. After five years, Myra has actually shown up!
  • He thought Myra was still the same as she was five years ago, devoid of ostentatious glamour and bold sensuality. Her beauty was delicate and understated, a stark contrast to Myra's radiant allure. Comparing her to Myra was simply out of the question.
  • Back then, he couldn't comprehend why he had lost his senses and ended up with Kelsey when Myra had always occupied his heart.
  • After Myra left the Lindner family, Stephen had secretly sought information about her, but he couldn't reach her at all. In order to look after the dignity of both the Lindner and Strauss families, he announced that he and Kelsey were together soon after Myra left.
  • Myra remained silent, yet she had no idea that the unexpected was still to come.
  • Kelsey continued, “It's perfect timing that you're back, Myra. Stephen and I are about to get engaged. You have to come when the time comes, okay?”
  • “No problem!” Myra happily agreed. “I just didn't expect it's been five years. I thought you two would be married and with kids by now!”
  • Kelsey's eyes dimmed for a moment. She, too, wished to marry Stephen sooner and become a part of the Strauss family. Yet, Stephen's parents were reluctant to accept her, the mistress in their son's life, causing the wedding plans to be continuously delayed.
  • Stephen's expression darkened when he heard Myra's words. She's always articulate and domineering, often outsmarting Kelsey with her high intelligence.
  • With that in mind, he said in a low voice, “We have other matters to attend to. We should leave now.”
  • Gently, Kelsey suggested, “Myra is also leaving. Let's go downstairs together.”
  • Myra trailed behind the two, joining them at the entrance. The November wind was refreshingly cool. Stephen took off his own jacket and offered it to Kelsey to wear.
  • Kelsey deliberately turned to look at Myra, smiling unrestrainedly. In the distance, a black Bentley was slowly approaching, eventually coming to a halt in front of them.
  • Kelsey got into the car, and just as it was about to pull away, she called for it to stop. She slowly rolled down the window, smiling, and said, “Myra, when you have the time, come visit us at home. We'd all love to have you.”
  • Visit them? The corners of Myra's mouth lifted, but she remained silent.
  • She no longer wanted to go there. Her father's distrust and that slap had severed all familial bonds between them.
  • Myra despised Kelsey and Rosamund, her disdain evident on her face. However, their scheming and hatred toward her were deeply concealed, fooling those who were oblivious.
  • Myra descended the staircase, intending to hail a taxi home due to her alcohol consumption, when suddenly, a bellboy hurriedly approached her. He whispered, “Ms. Lindner, Mr. Marcus Gerhard is waiting for you in the room upstairs. Please, head over there.”
  • Marcus? Is he willing to see me now? However, are we really going to meet in a hotel room? If seen, it would stir up rumors and gossip. Yet, if I were to refuse, there might not be a second chance. Myra stepped into the elevator, heading for Marcus' room. Standing at the wooden entrance, she took a deep breath and gently knocked on the door.