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Chapter 11

  • Nathan parked the car he rode at the entrance of the house he used to live in, he got out and looked around his old neighborhood, this place held so many bad memories for him and it screamed poverty. How he and his sisters were able to survive in this place was beyond him. He smiled when he remembered he won’t have to live here or even need to come back here if he doesn’t want to which brought him back to the actual reason he was here in the first place, Trent, that fucker made his life hell and he would make him pay but first, he needed to pay up what he owed him and he was feeling generous so he may as well pay off the debt of his former neighbors, it would be his parting gift to them.
  • He locked the car and walked into the apartment gate, as expected Trent was there and all his former neighbors were outside too, Trent was threatening them, Nathan look to the side of the gate where he had kept the properties he will no longer be using, looking at them now, they looked like a heap of trash, which reminded him of just how bad his situation had been, just days ago, those were his valuable, not anymore, he would never be poor again and he would make sure of it.
  • “Trent!”
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