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Chapter 20

  • Maria Eduarda
  • The night came so fast, I didn't even notice. After the spectacular lunch organized by Leon's housekeeper, we went to the living room, where there was one of those giant TVs, we sat down, and he hugged me, while we watched the series he wanted to show me, and in the end I got hooked myself. The show was really good, but I guess I was so tired that I ended up sleeping in his arms. That was very good, the day was very tiring.
  • When I wake up, I don't know where I am, and I see everything dark. I end up being afraid, not knowing whether I was dreaming or awake. I sit up straight in what I imagine to be a bed and start looking for something to light, groping around to see if I can find it. When I find a wire, I realize that it might be the lampshade, and I tap it until I find the button to turn it on. It doesn't take long, I manage to light it, and breathe a relieved breath when I see that I'm back in Leon's bed.
  • My heart starts beating normally again, that made me feel more at ease. I hear breathing, turn around, and find myself face to face with a totally relaxed Leon, sleeping so peacefully there beside me.
  • I was a little confused as to how we ended up there. The last thing I remember was that we were watching the show, and then I must have blacked out.
  • It must be very late, and Vane must be worried. I try to remember where I put my cell phone; last time it was in Leon's hands, after that I completely forgot about it. I hear a noise from my cell phone and realize that it's on a table that I hadn't even noticed. When I go to get up, I feel the bed move, and notice that Leon moves and sits up. What catches my attention is seeing that he is shirtless, and I am breathless, he is magnificent.
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