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Chapter 15

  • Leon
  • I couldn't stop kissing her; it was as if her lips were made to be kissed by me. The delicate touches of her kisses showed that she was inexperienced in this matter, and that made me more possessive of her. I would do anything to teach her how to feel pleasure in my arms.
  • I can't help but feel proud, my queen was trembling in my arms, and deep down I am sure that she was like that because of our kisses.
  • Of one thing I could be sure: I couldn't scare her with the kisses we were giving. I wanted to take off her clothes and make her mine right then and there. But I couldn't do that, because there was even an audience, and I don't want anyone looking at her body, only I can look at her.
  • I am completely addicted to my queen. She looks so good in my arms! Her body glued to mine shows how soft it is. We keep kissing each other very lightly. This was new for me, a man who is not used to gentle kissing.
  • I guess everything is a new experience for an experienced man like me. I have to control the hunger that I am feeling, and it is being hard and very difficult.
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