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Chapter 8 The Hidden Mastermind

  • As he drove to his place he kept thinking who was the true mastermind behind the whole thing, earlier in the morning he was angry making his face look grim, when Laura asked he waved it off telling her that it was non of her business but the truth is that he got a call in the morning before Laura woke, he has been on an investigation to found out who killed their mom because the woman was the real billionaire of their family.
  • The family's money came from her, she was the only daughter of a very powerful and dangerous man who was rumored to be a drug load and the wealthiest in United States which is their grandfather, it's still is because the man is still alive, when he came back from school one afternoon he got a letter written by the grandfather telling him that their mother was killed, after reading the letter he immediately called the man and he was suprised that the letter he sent for their father was read by the son, but Zach knew that if the letter was read by the man he would only cry and do nothing so he took the letter and hides it whilst he prepared.
  • His determination to find who was his mother's killer made his grandfather love him and took him in when he was young and started with his training, that was when he lost contact with his sister, as the man trains him it didn't take long for him to outsmart the man in everything both combat and skills but he wasn't satisfied with that knowing that there are still many people in the world that can rival his grandfather's strength but he didn't want to be rivaled so be went forward, he went deeper all over the world and got trained the best of all the bests both in skills, smartness, fighting, assassination, brains, thinking and many more.
  • He could still remember the night that he returned to his grandfather's mansion the tough man panicked and thought that it was his last day because he thought a shadow has appeared and come to kill him, to their own world of evil and strength, any one referred as 'a shadow' means that he is more powerful than the referrer.
  • The man cried when he found out that it was his lovely grandson, he begged him to take over his wealth empire to help him for his revenge but he declined and told the man that he would work his own wealth up by himself, the man was so proud of him and promised him that he would remain strong and kicking for him.
  • Zach joined the deeper evil world and with his strength, smartness and skill, he disposed of anyone that was on his way to being in the top, when he was still building his fame and travelled to Spain, the president tried to play dangerous and Zach slaughtered him and placed a new president there who is under him.
  • His indifferent and cold self coupled with his capabilities and his slaughters of hindrances gave him the name of 'devil incarnate' in the power world and since them we was on the top and was respected, feared and adored, but of course before a child grows to a man there was already many men on the street, many powerful individuals in the dark world never fail to kill him at any opportunity they got and he also never fail to show them his fearlessness in disposing of them.
  • When his grandfather found out that he was the devil incarnate that but fear in many people even his colleagues, he swelled with happiness that his daughter revenge is near but till now Zach has not yet found out about the power that was behind his mother's death.
  • He has tried and investigated all through years and of course he got clues but all of them are insignificant, all the escaped goats that was used to kill his mother are all rich and wealthy men so if those men are the executor who then is the mastermind.
  • His grim face earlier in the morning was that he got no clue on the mastermind, he has only so far be gotten the men's, the minors and he is going out of patient, he also know that the mastermind even though he doesn't know where exactly Zach's lives but he knows that the mastermind monitor's him, Laura doesn't know about their mother being killed and he is happy about that because her death was what got her determined and placed her where she is now, so if he can't get any direct information about the mastermind there is no way Laura can get it.
  • And all this was happening and still his father is oblivious of them all, he is a billionaire that is ignorant of the dark minds of the world, if not because of Zach's power and the fear that he put on the people's mind, his father would have been disposed a long time ago.
  • He rubbed his face as the car stopped and stepped out making his way inside, he passed a corpse well wrapped and being disposed and passed it paying no mind to know and knowing so well that it was one of the insignificant or to be precise the man at the dungeon earlier, he met his bestfriend Phil and he bowed at him.
  • "What is it Phil" he asked and the male hesitated before gathering his witts to reply "Lord Aston requested to meet with you for a confidential matter" he said and Zach's face darkened.
  • Lord Aston was one of the old demons that hated his guts, he has sent his assassins to kill Zach ones but none of his assassins returned to him, the man panicked and since then he hasn't dared to sent another again, but since then till now without a confrontation from Zach he might be thinking that Zach was oblivious of his attack or didn't know that he was one of the attackers so he planned to play again.