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My Brother Is A Devil

My Brother Is A Devil

Miracle M

Update: 2022-12-19

Chapter 1 The Devil And The Beast

  • Zach is a typical image of a hot devil, he is the only son and heir to one of the wealthiest men in America, he is also every women's dream, he has a striking image of a greek god, tall, muscular, handsome, hot, pretty face, sharp jawline, and he also very good in bed the rumors coming out from all the women that sleep with the greek god.
  • At the age of 26 he has established his own company and has skyrocketed it amongst the top in the whole of America, every rich businessmen at the age of his father has been continually bringing their daughters to meet Zach thinking that he might find interest in them but they all ended up being slept with and dumped by him.
  • His is a quiet and deadly devil and many of his business partners knows it, till now everyone has been wondering how he has not only build the company from scratch without requesting any token from his father but also pushed it to be amongst the top, he was not also a fan of affection and love, what he only know is sex, to fuck, and after that he has no business again with you.
  • Although he fucks and slept with many celebrities and wealthy businessmen daughters but he never let it become an addiction, he swear that nothing in his life can have power over him.
  • His father has started bragging with his name on every national interview or press conference he went to but Zach doesn't care, the only thing that irritated him is someone trying to plan his life for him or tell him what to do, he hates it the most and he has already warned his father when he tried to match him up and the man now knows better than to repeat it.
  • Laura is a pretty and sexy lady of 23 years, she is the younger sister of Zach Mathews, and she is a tough and hard woman, after her mother's death during her high school senior year, she tried to figure the depression resulting her to join a martial artist gang and trained herself nonstop, she learned many skills both sniper shooting, targeting one shooter of any type of gun, best assassination, best fighter, foreshadowing, foresight and many more, all the skills she learned made her most powerful second to her boss.
  • When she entered college, she left the gang and established her own agency all over America both in assassination, business dealings and all politicians and wealthy men deepest secret finders, she knows all the secrets of them that can destroy their entire life and career that made them to worship and obey all her commands, she used one of the politician to establish her one national security in America call the "Men in black" to the Americans, the powerful and well trained country agencies are their for them to protect them which is true but non know that they are all under 'The pretty beast' which is a nickname for Laura.
  • Just like his brother, she is very pretty, sexy and tall with a very light skin, long sunlike hair, ocean blue eyes with a body curves to die for, a dream girl of all the politician and celebrities but non can get the moon in the sky.
  • Due to necessity she decided to date handsome Saudi Arabia's heir young prince as her boyfriend and the prince is so smitten with her that he can do anything for his angel.
  • But the only knot that Laura cannot crack is her brother's secret, she knows that her brother is deadly, he built a skyscraper company out of the blue, she also his account and find out that he has an unending amount of money that all her informants find hard to count because before they reach her with is a zillion they are already sweating but she doesn't know how his brother come about the money.
  • Usually with an overwhelming amount of money like that, the country would have started running helter skelter to find out where the money came from but non did just like nothing happened which also made Laura more weary and intrigued about his brother.
  • They have currently finished their universities, Laura rarely come home to their fathers mansion America and stayed in her penthouse in London while her brother seems to vanish and only appear when he is needed and most time his appearance will likely bring disaster to the victim, Laura also tried her pretty best to find out his devil brother residence but failing.
  • And tomorrow is a night and a masquerade mask ball for the president's ministers and well-to-do wealthy men and politicians, Laura is sure that her evil hot brother will be there and she would get close to him and try to establish a close relationship that they never had.
  • *Laura's penthouse*
  • "You called for me young master" one of her most trusted and well trained informants appeared out of nowhere and waited to be instructed by the pretty beast, she is being called young master when she was still and the martial gang and second to the master.
  • "Investigate and give me the names of those that will be present on the mask ball" Laura said and he nodded and disappeared to where he cam from within seconds.
  • Laura took in a damsel breath and darted her gaze from her penthouse glass view that she was looking at and went back to her livingroom sofa seat, if someone was looking at her from far he might think that the pretty girl is weak and helpless, only needed for beauty and sex not knowing that she can take down a wealthy family that has had a long time of fame in a blink of an eye, she was only wearing a silky white dress as she took a glass of wine on a small expensive table in front of her and sipped.
  • "Mysterious devil of a brother, I will be meeting you soon..." she said smiling as she take another sip