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Chapter 2 The Beast And The Devil's Plan

  • "How is the company going Phil" Zach asked his bestfriend that know few about him, Phil is a powerful guy that have put many senators to his feet but when facing the Greek god deemed as 'The devil incarnate' by the dark associates, he could not help but tremble.
  • The devil's gaze when directed to someone can make the person urinate in his pants, Zach is only two feet taller than Phil's six foot two but he still sweats at the man's present.
  • "The world presidents will be there, including the topmost wealthiest businessmen and upper level politicians" Phil said putting in his years of training to make his voice come out Unwavering making Zach to smile and pat his friend shoulder "Ease up Phil" he said and Phil sweated more but nodded anyway.
  • "Will my little sister be there?" he asked and Phil nodded making Zach to smile and nodded whilst dismissing Phil and he hastily vanished.
  • Zach smiled and shook his head, he is aware of the visible fear in his bestfriend face because of him and he is aware of the name given to him by the dark associates, he doesn't blame them though, what he has done and his actions has placed the fears in them and he doesn't plan on removing it.
  • He stoop up, his height towering the place, his naked top captivating and sensual, his muscles and body glistening with the little sunray that was coming in from the gigantic glass window as he made his way to the window, he is aware of his sister's quest to find out things about him which he is sure that she will be failing, he is intrigued and in awe of his sister for her achievements, because he hasn't come across a young lady that can do what his pretty little sister did.
  • She made a name for herself even amongst the presidents outside America, a girl dating a ruler of a country and gave no fuck about it, the thing that made him start having interests in what his sister does is when she established a national security know as Men In Black, he was in awe of his sister and a sudden feeling bobbed inside of his cold heart that made him smile the whole day, she practically made a powerful assassination organization legal in the United States and Zach didn't see that one coming.
  • Since then he has had a feeling for his sister that was growing day by day, he deemed it as a feeling of seeing a powerful woman that he doesn't know that can be possible, the feeling growed to being possessive of his sister although he hasn't protected her because she doesn't need protection.
  • Recently, when his beautiful sister appeared on TV talking, he suddenly got hard at the view of his pretty sister and waved it as the feeling of love for his sister, if the love can be deemed as stripping her naked and fuck her till she goes unconscious.
  • And through several of doubts and confusion he has finally agreed with his mind that it's a feeling of lust for his sister, and to get rid of the feeling once and for all he planned to get her sister during the masquerade ball and get the feeling over with and forget about everything, and that's what he would do.
  • *The Next Day Afternoon*
  • "Prepare the private plane Max, we would be leaving shortly" Zach said to his assistant that seems to be everywhere at anytime and he nodded and went to it,
  • He showered and entered his walk-in-closet to look for a better suit with a suitable mask to compliment it, he usually doesn't contemplate clothes because everything that he wears suits him.
  • At the end he chosen a gray suit that complimented his white hair and blue eyes, he got the eyes from his father and the hair from his mother whilst her sister got both eyes and sunlike hair from their father but he is nowhere near beautiful like his sister he thought as he wore the suit and took a silver mask and left for the flight to America.
  • *Laura' penthouse*
  • "Are you ready young master?" Leonardo asked her as she made her way gracefully to her penthouse exit without a care in the world "Yes dear, let's go" she said and entered the limousine as they drive to where her plane was.
  • "What do you think about the ball Miss?" Leonardo her assistant asked still looking at the beauty in front of him that's their leader, up until now he is still fascinated by her beauty and power, still wondering how she had make a name for herself all over the world, she was wearing a royal blue off shoulder long dress that compliment her sunlike hair and blue eyes bringing out her curves and figures.
  • "Nothing much Leon, I am going there because of someone and if not for that person I won't be there" she said and leonardo nodded wondering who merited his miss interest that made her travel all the way to United States instead of the person coming to meet her.
  • He has always admired the young powerful lady and has long love her, although he is 27 years old and quite rich and powerful in his own part, he still dare not approach the beautiful, she made him what he is today and he is not going to sabotage that by confessing a love that he know that won't be reciprocated so he is better at her assistant and just that.
  • On the other hand, Laura has always known that her sexy assistant loves her after sometime when she recruited her during her college years but he do hot that he didn't say anything about it and forgot about his feelings to not make things more difficult the way they are, if he later confessed that means he can't deal with his feelings, she won't dismiss him but will rather place him in another branch far from her to manage and recuperate