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Chapter 6 Being Cocky

  • He grinned at her and went back slumping on the seat looking at her and smiling "What answer do you need dear sister?" he asked bored and she scoffed looking at him with new found and heightened suspicion.
  • 'This brother of mine is quite something, I have been trying to find where he is living whenever he leaves the country but failing till now, I can easily track down even the most mysterious president, of a country but this hot mess in front of me is more and more becoming a hard knot to crack, who the hell has he become' she thought.
  • "How where you able to repel my attacks?" she asked him her hands on her hips as she glared at him, on the other hand he was finding all of it interesting as his previous grin returned to his face, he licked his lips and smile at her sister "What else did I do?, or weren't you paying attention earlier?, I dodged it or blocked it any one you preferred" he said spreading his arms on the seat rest and chuckled as his sisters expression changed to confused to angry and back to glare.
  • "Are you taking me for a fool Zach?" she asked approaching him and he chuckled "If you say so" he said and her face contorted in anger "How dare you!" she shouted and lunged for him and in a swift movement, he went to her back and straddled her whilst breathing in close to her ear making her to shiver "What do you think?" He asked her too close and her face flushed at the closeness but she brushed it off and focused.
  • "I think you have some explanation to do" she said and he chuckled releasing her and she fall on the couch, he pulled off his black hoodie revealing his perfect and toned body of his to his sister who got flushed again and removed his gaze, he went to the fridge and got himself a drink and leaned on there to drink "How are you doing lil-sis?" he asked emptying the drink and throwing it into the west basket, she cocked up her right brow at him in question.
  • "Are you seriously asking me that now after all this years?" she asked and he shrugged "Not that I care but you know, to make the awkward silent more comfortable" he said and smirked when he noticed a pained expression on her face but disappeared the next moment, she smiled at him and crossed her legs "More like the Zach I know." she said but she was hurting inside which suprised and at the same time scared her, she has never felt emotions since the death of her mother before she started martial art, she has tied her heart at her back and swore not to let anything get to her and she has been successful at that, she has even had confidence and concluded that she would never feel emotions again but not until that night at the masquerade mask ball, she shook her head and frowned.
  • "Better you know" he said with a smile snapping her back to reality, his face giving up nothing but the only the smile, the perfect smile on his face that has been long time practiced that it now appeared as genuine smile but he knows better.
  • "I guest I would be sleeping over there" he said and make his way to the big soft and fluffy bed and lay down before Laura could process any of the movement, he has already made himself comfortable leaving her stunned "What do you think you are doing?" she shouted jumping up from the couch and making her way to the bed "Stand up right now?" she demanded and he grinned at her whilst laying down.
  • "Is it how you treat your guest?" he said rubbing his face to her fluffy pillow and sighed in contempt, not only because of the softness but also the scent that went through his nose, the scent of the owner "You are not my guest, I didn't invite you now if you don't want to go back how you came here then stand up right now and instant" she said slowly fuming but he was still laying on the bed rubbing his body whilst smiling at his fuming sister.
  • Laura was angry that not only did his brother ignored her questions earlier on how he easily repelled her attacks or got into to her highly securitive penthouse passing alot of well trained assassins and securities that was left to guard it, but also playing with her and taking her as a joke whilst acting as her penthouse was his, ontop of it all claiming her bed and leaving her to sleep on the couch not even caring about how she was faring, at the last thought she froze for a while.
  • 'What am I thinking, why would I want him to care?, he is definitely cold like always, but why do I feel hurt when he made that statement " Not that I care but you know, to make the awkward silent more comfortable"' she thought back and her heart constricted more making her gasp at the squeezing and she fought it and regained her indifferent look.
  • "Zach!" she shouted and he groaned "What?" he asked looking at her "You are seriously asking me that question?, where do you expect me to sleep on?, at the couch?, in my house?, Nah..." she said and he chuckled and turned to her his muscles flexing and constricting making her gulp at the view, he face her and noticed her wandering eyes and chuckled again bringing her back and she flushed averting her gaze.
  • "I didn't ask you to sleep on the couch did I?" he said and she frowned 'What do he mean' she thought "What do you mean" she said "Come on in" he said shifted and making space for her, the bed is big but he shifted to emphasize his point and she flushed.