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Chapter 55 - You! Pervert!

  • So this was how Wang Shen Ze was sent home by Lin Wen Xin. She even repeatedly told his driver to give her a text once they have reached the villa.
  • But before he left the office, he remembered to ask her, “Xin, are you coming over to our villa later? You have to at least share with me the results of today's meeting right?”
  • Lin Wen Xin pondered for a few seconds. What Wang Shen Ze had said actually made sense. "Alright, I will see you there after the meeting."
  • "Then... are you going to stay over for the rest of the week too? Otherwise, how will you know if I'm not working from home?"
  • That's true ... She better be there to 'supervise' him. "Sure, I'll be staying at the villa then."
  • The moment she responded, Wang Shen Ze gave her a kiss on the lips. “Wifey, I will see you at home later.” He smirked in triumph and left the room.
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