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Chapter 49 - Don't Do This To Me

  • Wang Shen Ze had totally lost his composure as he immediately rushed to Lin Wen Xin's side.
  • He held on to her small hand and spoke to her in a soft but desperate tone, “Xin.. . Xin... wake up, will you?? Please... I'm begging you..."
  • Will we start to treasure someone only when we are at the brink of losing that person?
  • Well, I guess sometimes in life , we just have to learn things the hard way. We can never truly understand the feeling of losing something, until we really lose it.
  • Xiao Yu Meng grabbed onto Wang Shen Ze's arm and yelled at him angrily, “Are you done with your acting ?! If I were her, I wouldn't even want to wake up and see your disgusting face!!"
  • Wang Shen Ze stood up and glared at her angrily. He shook her off and took out his phone. “Yi Fan, transfer my wife to the private branch immediately! And I don't want to see any monkeys loitering in her ward!”
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