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Chapter 20 - Familiar Name

  • It was Hong Xin Rui who is standing at the entrance of the door, holding on to a box of cookies.
  • “Oh, I’m just here to pass Shen Ze a cup of milk.” Lin Wen Xin replied with a light smile.
  • “If you are done, just get out. Besides, the study room is not for someone like you to enter.” Hong Xin Rui said in a mocking tone.
  • Lin Wen Xin’s smile froze as she was slightly startled by Hong Xin Rui’s straightforward attitude.
  • Yes, it is true that Wang Shen Ze is very particular and does not allow anyone to enter the study room without his permission.
  • However, she did knock on the door but he was not inside. So she thought of just putting the cup of milk there and leaving the room straightaway.
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