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Chapter 15 - The Fake

  • “Shen...” The girl was closed to tears as she stood there in a pitiful manner.
  • Hong Xin Rui has a young and innocent face especially with her long hair tied up. With one glance at her dressing style, you could tell that she is a country girl and have not been to the city for ages!
  • Wang Shen Ze quickly walked over and stroked her head lightly, “Don’t cry, I’m sorry that I couldn’t find you earlier. I’ve let you suffer too much on your own.”
  • “Don’t worry, from today onwards, you can come back with me to the city. I will promise to take care of you and treat you well.”
  • Hong Xin Rui nodded her head as she leaned against his chest with a wronged face.
  • Wang Shen Ze then brought her to his car and the driver drove them back towards the city.
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