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Chapter 385 You Knew That You Would Win but Why Didn’t You Stop Us From Withdrawing Our Investments?

  • Eric’s voice was so loud that even Helen, who was standing beside James, heard everything he said, causing her to be completely stunned. At the moment, the two of them didn’t even care that Eric was angry.
  • After James hung up the phone, he hurriedly asked, “Matthew, do you really know Dr. Ellis? Did Eastcliff win the competition because of Dr. Ellis?”
  • Matthew had no choice but to nod. After all, he couldn’t tell them that he was the one who won. Only people who attended the conference knew what really happened at the competition. Moreover, Matthew already asked Dr. Ellis to urge the participants to not spread word about him, so not many people knew about his medical abilities. Meanwhile, Sasha was ecstatic as she finally believed that Matthew won.
  • “That’s great! Matthew, I knew that you would succeed!”
  • However, Helen was furious. “Matthew, how could you do this? You knew that you would win but you didn’t tell us so we withdrew all our investments. If Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had invested 200 million, we would have gotten at least a billion. Those are all money! Our money! Matthew, what have you done?”
  • Matthew instantly frowned. Doesn’t Helen feel ashamed?
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