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Chapter 15 Sure Enough, She’s Still an Idiot

  • Ziven’s wintry voice and his vicious gaze had Arielle’s breath catching, and she only snapped back to her senses after an eternity. By then, he’d left with his regal aura that garnered the admiration of all. And Arielle finally understood why he came here tonight. He came to assert his dominance. He wanted to tell me that no one can pick on me if he’s pleased, even those of the Grace Family. But if he’s displeased and wants to destroy me, it’s no different from killing an ant. He just wanted me to know that it’s him who dictates my life!
  • Hah, he’s obviously still mad at me over the fact that I’d dumped him in the wild after using him to negate the effects of the drug! Why is this b*stard so petty? In my past life, I never knew that Young Master Ziven was such a small-minded man! That night, she tossed and turned, but in the end, she couldn’t figure out any way to delay or cancel the engagement party.
  • After Arielle had washed up in the morning, even she herself couldn’t help sighing when she gazed at herself in the mirror. My skin is fair, supple, exquisite, and flawless! I’m truly blessed in the looks department. Even in my previous life, the calm and unruffled Young Master Ziven was inexorably stunned when he saw my true countenance. In this lifetime, he has never seen my true countenance, so he abhors me completely to this day at least.
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