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Chapter 12 I’ll Go With You

  • Arielle came downstairs with her makeup on. As she’d done it in a hurry, it was all the messier, seemingly even… uglier than her usual heavy makeup.
  • Willow and Scarlett’s taut nerves instantly relaxed. Conversely, Mike was stunned and abruptly jumped to his feet. “Why… did you make a mess of yourself? Hurry up and wash the muck off your face! You were beautiful earlier, but you’re simply unsightly now!” What’s her definition of beauty? She’s simply hopeless!
  • Nevertheless, Arielle walked over with a bright smile as though entirely ignorant that her makeup was truly ghastly. Smilingly, she asked, “Why did you call me down, Dad? I was just getting ready for bed. I’m truly exhausted tonight.”
  • “How dare—”
  • “Since you’re exhausted, let’s not talk about tonight’s incident first. Go and rest.” Ziven stood up, but he didn’t leave. Rather, he walked toward Arielle.
  • He was still as unruffled as ever, not a hint of displeasure to be found in his eyes. However, Arielle could sense a whiff of danger. Instinctively taking two steps back, she forced a smile. “Then… I’ll be going upstairs. P-Please excuse me.”
  • In my previous life, he loathed my heavy makeup, so I later learned not to put on makeup to please him. To my surprise, everyone found me beautiful without makeup. Now that my face is caked with repulsive makeup, he’ll definitely hate it, no?
  • Since he didn’t say anything, Arielle turned around to leave. But just as she’d done so, she heard the man’s deep voice sounding behind her. “I’ll go with you.” He’ll come with me? What does that mean? Is he saying that he wants to accompany me upstairs to rest?
  • She’d rather believe that she was hearing things, but Ziven’s next remark to Mike shattered all her hope. “I apologize that I lost control tonight and went too far with your daughter, leading to the engagement party being called off.” He’s taking full responsibility for what happened tonight?
  • Mike was momentarily stunned before shock gripped him, followed by surprise and delight! Is Young Master Ziven saying that there’s still room for discussion about the engagement?
  • Meanwhile, Willow and Scarlett were completely dumbfounded. Could it be that the man who was with her tonight was truly Young Master Ziven? But how is that possible? How could he possibly stomach her with her repugnant makeup? Are his tastes that unique?
  • At this time, Yoel took over the conversation, clarifying, “Mr. Grace, Young Master Ziven hopes that the engagement party can be held again three days later. Is that agreeable to you, Mr. Grace?”
  • “Sure! Of course!” How could I possibly let go of such a powerful future son-in-law?
  • Only then did Ziven stare at Arielle’s startled face, an odd glimmer flashing across his eyes. “I’ve tired you out tonight, so I’ll now go upstairs and rest with you.” He walked past her and took the lead up the stairs. “Do lead the way.”
  • His voice was placid, but it carried a slightly commanding tone that had Arielle following behind him up the stairs before she’d even gathered her wits about her. Uneasiness inundated her, but there were some things she didn’t want to say in front of Mike, Willow, and Scarlett.
  • As soon as they entered her room, Arielle closed the door. Staring at the man who was stripping by the bed, she blurted anxiously, “Young Master Ziven, I know I was in the wrong tonight, so I’ll apologize, okay?” Stealing his car, dumping him by the beach, and causing him to get drenched all seem to be capital crimes, but even so, the offender can still request for a quick death, no? With the way he’s acting now, I simply can’t figure out what he’s trying to do. Also, he’s undressing? Panic struck, and she backed away two steps even as she subconsciously hugged herself. “What… are you doing?”