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Chapter 164 Yin Rui’s Character

  • In Xihui Hall.
  • The highest commander of the special forces, General Qiao’s office.
  • Several investigators were gathered around the meeting table.
  • Qiao Xuanshuo was reading the report with his brows knitted, his face solemn. A cold and heavy atmosphere enveloped the entire office.
  • One of the lower-ranking officers said with respect, “All roads near the Qiao family’s villa have been investigated thoroughly, and there weren’t any suspicious vehicles that have entered or left. It is definitely impossible for such a large number of military weapons to disappear into thin air, hence big trucks must have been used if they were transported to the Qiao family’s villa. However, the surveillance indicated that there were no unfamiliar vehicles entering, other than Qiao family member’s usual vehicles.”
  • Liang spoke cautiously as well, “Even after mobilizing the military and police forces, we still couldn’t find the whereabouts of Mr. Liu. Whereas the banknote that was found in Mr. Liu’s grandmother’s house has also been traced back to its bank of origin from its serial number. The surveillance footage revealed that it was indeed Mr. Liu who withdrew the money. After tracing the source, we have also found out that the money was transferred to Mr. Liu’s account from a mysterious foreign bank account, but we were unable to identify the person behind it. This investigation is still in progress.”
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