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Chapter 12 I Like Wealthy Men

  • While waiting for the day of Sally’s party to arrive, Natalie was busy with her new variety show. When she was scrolling through the news, she saw Nova’s scandal with another male celebrity and that her company had blacklisted her.
  • Natalie wondered if it was Sebastian who orchestrated the entire scandal. Hmm, based on the breakup gift I received from Sebastian, if Nova flatters him well, she should be a top celebrity in no time. Alas, she’s restless.
  • In frustration, Natalie threw her phone onto the table. A second later, her phone rang.
  • “Hello?”
  • “Is this Ms. Natalie Cook?” the person on the other end of the phone answered politely. “I’m calling from Autocar Dealership. Your custom-made pink Pagani sports car has arrived. Will you pick it up yourself or do you need us to deliver it to a specific location?”
  • That’s fast.
  • Natalie flipped her calendar open. It was Sally’s birthday party tomorrow, so it seemed like a great idea to drive the sports car there.
  • “I’ll pick it up myself tomorrow.”
  • The next morning, Claude called and offered to pick her up. Natalie had just arrived at the dealership when she received the call. The salesperson was busy uncovering the car.
  • The pink Pagani wasn’t tacky at all. Its sleek curves were delightful.
  • Even Natalie, who was used to sports cars and luxury cars, couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of the Pagani. When Claude heard her gasping, he asked, “Nat, what’s going on?”
  • “Oh, it’s nothing,” Natalie replied coolly. She no longer wanted to pick Claude up in this gorgeous vehicle lest he polluted it. “You can head to Harper Villa yourself.”
  • She hung up quickly and took the keys from the salesperson, eager to drive her new ride.
  • Natalie hopped into the car and raced out of the dealership. It was a smooth drive. Although she had driven a few sports cars previously, they were nothing compared to her new sleek ride.
  • This breakup gift is better than the villa!
  • Soon, Natalie arrived at Harper Villa and parked her car in the outdoor parking lot. She had just got off her car when Claude’s call arrived.
  • He was also in the parking lot. When he heard her phone ringing at a distance away, he followed the sound and saw Natalie getting off a pink sports car.
  • A Pagani sports car. It must be a custom-made model.
  • “Nat!” Claude strode over to her. As security was tight here, he didn’t try to conceal his looks.
  • Natalie mumbled a response and kept her phone.
  • Claude glanced at the sports car enviously before speaking in his signature cottony soft voice. “Did Sebastian Hoffman gift you the car? You can tell me what you like. Don’t accept gifts from him.”
  • “He was my sugar daddy. Why would I refuse his gift?” Natalie’s lips curved up. “I love him because he’s wealthy and generous. Also, he’s not a talkative man.”
  • Claude frowned slightly at the greedy look on her face. “Nat, you’ve changed.”
  • Raising a brow, Natalie sneered, “Back then, I would sacrifice myself and go the extra mile for you. Now, I prefer someone who’s willing to sacrifice for me. Mr. Nealey, does this disgust you?”
  • Claude was rendered speechless by her retort. After all, he was the one who cheated on her. “Stay away from him, Nat. Just tell me if you need something. Don’t be mad at me, please.”
  • Natalie didn’t want to argue with Claude in the parking lot. She had prepared an interesting show for the guests of the party, so she brushed him off before they headed into the villa.
  • On the way to the venue of the party, Claude inquired carefully, “Nat, who is that friend of yours?”
  • Hmm, looks like he’s been to this villa before. Smirking, she replied, “Ms. Harper, of course.”
  • Claude froze instantly.
  • “Claude, I thought you’ve broken up with Sally?” Natalie glanced at him. “Are you afraid to attend her birthday party? Don’t tell me you’re not serious about getting back together with me?”