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Chapter 53

  • And before you know it you’re crying out as the 1st orgasm rips through you that you can just enjoy, I feel you pushing back onto my hand. I use your rhythm and want to push a 3rd inside you fucking you with these while adding more lube. Once there is very little friction, I pull my hand free and slap you oily lubed cheek, you let out a load moan drawing the attention of a couple walking. They approach the open side door, seeing what’s happening they watch for a moment as I re lube the plug from earlier and tease it into your quivering snatch as I then tongue fuck, your arsehole. The couple watching, I now realise are either perverts or doggers as she has pulled his dick free and she’s wanking him while the pair watch my now finger and tongue fuck your arse hole, while I stroke and lube my cock. I stand over you and you feel the tip of hard cock press then slip into your eager hole. Both holes seem to be the tipping point for the man, and he comes on your face and his other half is quick to 1st finish draining him and putting him away as she turns towards us and slowly climbs in. now down on her hands and knees, she lowers her face and licks his cum and your sweat from your face. You hear me laugh at how ridiculous this is as now fully involved has lifted her dress and revealed no panties as she’s now slid under your face and has you by the hair forcing you to eat her cunt. Husband and barman now just stood watching as you grab her legs pull her in and roll her legs up putting her arsehole now in better range as she grabs her legs high and wide as you hold onto her eating both holes while I fuck your arse. I feel myself Cumming close and slam into you hard as I empty my load into you before withdrawing and turning my attention back to your cunt. Pulling the plug from you I slip 3 then 4 fingers into your now sloppy soaked cunt as you moan to the arsehole of the strange woman I look up to see the 2 other guys had stripped this 2nd woman down to nothing and one was fucking her mouth while the other know sat behind her reaching up and holding her legs as she was loving having fingers in both holes as you sucked and teased her clit. Everything going on had you super relaxed and very wet. I kept adding lube and was now fucking you with my fingers in a cone shape working you wider as time passed you let out a confused cry of pain and absolute ecstasy as my thumb gets tucked and my knuckles 1st slip past as my hand then rolls into a fist inside as I feel your lips slip down the back of my hand then grip. Hold it while you adjust due to 1st time being full like that. Pulling out hand still clenched as your hole widens to an inch towards my hand then easing back inside you. Building a slow rhythm either pushing a little deeper or pulling back stretching you wider depending on which you prefer. A mix of the two., soon has you screaming in bliss. Occasionally relaxing my hand to allow it to slide out completely filling you and covering my hand with lube and then rolling it back into to you. You’re just locked into this wedge in the van screaming out as orgasm after orgasm rips through you while those 3 fuck amongst themselves. Building to a slow deep motion. I lower my head and running my tongue over your arsehole and then pressing it into you, tongue fucking your arse while fist fucking your spasming cunt. Remembering the plug, I then feed that back into your puckering wanton arsehole filled, cunt fisted and loving watching the strangers fuck you feel something over your mouth and nose and then feeling a little dizzy and falling asleep...
  • This had all actually been arranged they weren't strangers in fact they were friends of the barman and they'd been waiting his call that you half hear him make. They finish up and we clean up.
  • Un clasping you and leaving you passed out in the back of the van. I drive us back to yours were the couple meet us there having used your keys to let ourselves in. From watching I knew there was no sprt of alarm or cctv. The couple have set up a few things in the bedroom ready for our return with you. As we park up out front they're waiting eagerly to help grab you out the back and the 2men carry you inside as she holds open the door. I lock up the van and dash inside kissing the woman firmly on the way in noticing she's cheekily already naked say for your dressing gown that I recognise immediately with a chuckle. I get up stair ls to find you on your side still unconscious.
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