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Chapter 2

  • I stood behind her and started rubbing my dick on her pussy to use some of her juices to lube up my condom encased dick. I placed my cock head at the opening to her pussy and I pushed forward. This cat girl was really tight! But I was shocked when my dick met her hymen and ripped it open—she had been a virgin until now! Her moan at losing her virginity was lost amongst all of the other moans and miscellaneous sounds of sex in the filled room. I had the cat girl by the hips and I began rocking into her. I couldn’t believe she had given her virginity in such a way and I was going to try and knock her up during her first sexual experience! She quickly got used to the feeling of my invading member and began pushing back into me. I was pumping into her at a slow and steady pace, all while looking at her tramp stamp tattoo and the small amount of blood on my dick. I let her set the pace for our fucking—it was the ‘gentleman’ thing to do…
  • Pretty soon, our pace was picking up and eventually it built until I was slamming in and out of her pussy. I could tell she was really wet; even with the condom on. Her juices were coating the condom now and even washing away her virgin blood. The couple next to us finished and got up. The cat girl took their spot, too; lying down on her back with legs spread in the air. I repositioned over her and, as I reentered her, she wrapped her legs around me. She was naked from the waist down with the exception of her black stiletto heels and her top was still pushed up over her tits. I wanted to see her face, but that would have been wrong. I caressed her tits as I went back to thrusting into this first timer.
  • The condom helped me from having an orgasm too soon and she was having a great time! She was panting and trying not to moan too loud, but I was making that difficult for her. The more she tried to hold it back, the harder I fucked her. And the harder I fucked her, the harder it was for her to hold it back. Her responses to my actions were having an effect on me and my orgasm was building. But she beat me to it: her orgasm hit her and her already tight pussy clamped down on me even tighter. She screamed as her vaginal fluids released and dripped out of her. Several people from around the room applauded us. My orgasm hit and I could feel the tip of the condom fill with millions of sperm cells.
  • I kept pushing into the girl to try and get as many of them as possible through the holes I had poked in the tip. Since her pussy was already dripping wet, she couldn’t tell that the condom was being milked empty. I was pretty sure I had as much of my sperm pushed out as possible, but I was just enjoying sex with this girl. Her body was amazing. About 15 minutes after our orgasms, her friend (who was dressed up like her—only she was a grey mouse) came over and whispered in her ear. The cat girl nodded and moved to get up. I pulled my dick out of her and she got dressed. Her mouse friend did the opposite. Clearly, it was ‘her turn with Spider Man’.
  • I pulled off the now well used condom and saw the end of it had been shredded to ribbons. I disposed of it quickly before anyone saw it. I showed ‘mouse girl’ the new condom and she smiled. I put the special condom on and went to work on her. She was not as tight as the cat girl and she was definitely not a virgin. She was pretty well experienced, in fact. Strangely enough, even though she was technically better, the excitement level of the cat girl made the sex more enjoyable. But, no matter: I was going to work on jamming some cum up in this girl’s guts, too!
  • The mouse girl had me sit on the couch and she rode me in reverse cowgirl fashion. She began jumping on me like I was an adult-themed pogo stick. Every now and then, she would stop bouncing to rock and grind her hips on me. And when she did, she could control her vaginal walls to massage my dick. That was a new feeling for me—one that I could feel even through the condom! She would do that for a while and then go back to jumping on my cock. During one of her jumping sessions, I felt the condom bust open and get pushed down my cock, all in one jump. She didn’t seem to notice and if she did, she didn’t care. But there was no doubt in my mind that my condom was now nothing more than a ring of bunched up latex around the base of my dick.
  • The mouse girl stopped bouncing and began rocking, grinding, and massaging my dick with her pussy walls. She still didn’t realize my cock was naked inside of her now unprotected pussy. My orgasm built quickly and I blew a decent sized load right into and past her cervix. Her eyes shot open in realization and her own body had an orgasm in automatic response. She turned her head to the side and asked to verify that I was wearing a condom. I shook my head ‘yes’ and she seemed doubtful of herself. She reached between her legs and found the condom in place, but didn’t notice it was torn to shreds. Satisfied it was there, she went back to fucking me. When she was finished, she simply stood up and walked away without even turning around to look at me. That sounds rude, but it was actually pretty hot; I didn’t mind being used by a hot young girl!
  • Before I could get up, the cat girl came back over and stood before me. She made a square shape with her index fingers and thumbs while tilting her head to the side. The question was clear: “Do you have another condom?” I produced another and she pointed to my still hard dick. I put it on and she turned around while pulling her pants down. She had been watching her friend and me going at it and wanted to try what the mouse was doing. She straddled over my legs and sat down on my cock. Even after having fucked a short time ago, she was still very tight. I held her by her slim hips and she tried jumping on my cock. But she was so tight I could tell the condom wasn’t going to last long. After just a few small bounces, I could feel my cock head poking out of the tip. I was too busy looking at her tattoo to even care. I knew that as long as I lived, I would never forget that tattoo.
  • She was leaning forward, supporting her upper body on her hands which were on my knees. Every time she rocked her hips back and down, I could see my dick disappearing inside her. And I knew that even though the part of my dick that I could see looked securely wrapped, the top was completely open to her pussy. The cat girl started to lean back and I took the opportunity to slide my hands under her top and hold her perfectly shaped tits again. I could feel my cockhead pushing into her cervix with force and she was moaning again. My orgasm was building and hers was too. Once again, hers hit a second before mine and we blasted our fluids all over and in each other.
  • After our orgasms subsided, she kept herself impaled on my cock for about five minutes before standing up. She didn’t just walk away as her mouse friend had done, though. She turned around and blew me a kiss from her kitty mouth and waved ‘good bye’. I waved back and her mouse friend joined her as they went out the front door. I was pretty well spent having had three orgasms, so I left right behind them. I saw them get in their car—the mouse girl was driving. She took off her mask but I couldn’t see her face in the darkness. They drove away and I knew I’d never see them again. I walked to my car which was down the street and was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t see them again, but then again, that was the point of having anonymous sex! When I got to my car, I put my regular clothes back on and removed my mask. For a moment I felt like a superhero—or perhaps super villain (pretty evil to try and knock up a couple of unsuspecting girls…).
  • I went home and showered while reliving the evening in my head. Just thinking about the cat girl was enough to get my dick hard. But I had to put her out of my mind or else walk the rest of my life with a raging boner. I threw the costume in the garbage and started doing more searching for singles and swingers in the area. Over the next few weeks, I attended a few swingers groups, but there was nothing like that Halloween party. For sure the cat and mouse girls were not there—the swingers I was seeing were definitely older than most of those at the Halloween party.
  • It was a Friday night and I was just getting home after having been at a singles meeting. There wasn’t anyone there that really interested me so I was calling it a night. When I pulled into my driveway, I saw Erin was home from college. She had been staying with her friend during the weeks to help cut down on commuting to and from school (traffic could be bad in the mornings). I parked the car and went inside. Erin greeted me and I asked her how she was doing in school. She was already showered and in her pajamas. We were talking at the kitchen table and I got up to get her a snack before bed; she got up to help. We continued to talk as we prepared our snacks; after living with each other for the last 18 years, we worked well together. But I was a bit distracted by some of my thoughts and, as I was handing her a fork, I let go of it before I knew she had a handle on it. The fork fell to the floor with multiple ‘clings’ and she bent down to pick it up. I turned to look at what I had done and saw her picking up the utensil from the floor. That was when I saw that her pajama bottoms had slipped down a little and she had a tattoo.
  • I only saw the very top of it, but I knew it was there. I called her out on it immediately. I asked, “Is that a tattoo?!” She shot upright and knew she was busted. She admitted to having it and I told her, “Let’s see it…” She turned around and pulled down the top-back of her pajama bottoms. To my shock and horror, I recognized the tattoo immediately: without question, Erin was the cat girl.
  • I felt like I might pass out. In a flood of realization, I knew that I had fucked my own daughter, taking her virginity, and that I had at least attempted to plant my seed in her fertile womb. I had to sit down. She saw my reaction and presumed it was just because of the tattoo. She said, “Daddy, are you ok? Please don’t be mad: it’s just a tattoo and I really like it.” I said, “No, I’m not mad about the tattoo. I’m not mad at you at all.” She asked, “Then what’s wrong?” I realized she had no idea that I was ‘Spiderman’ and I thought it would definitely be better to not tell her. But I had to come up with a reason for my reaction and I had to do it fast.
  • I just started talking, “I guess it’s just that I’m realizing you are all grown up now. You don’t need me to make adult decisions for you anymore. And, you will probably be making a lot of adult decisions from now on; many of them I won’t even know about and may not even want to know about.” Erin was silent, no doubt thinking about some of the things she has done in recent weeks (like the Halloween party). Then a thought entered my head that maybe it was still a case of mistaken identity so I asked her, “So, where did you get the design—did you pick it out off of a wall somewhere?” I was hoping that was the case: maybe a bunch of girls were walking around with the same tattoo—maybe one built like my daughter that was possibly pregnant with my child now… Erin replied, “Actually, I designed it myself! It’s a one of a kind original! It’s nice, though, right?”
  • That was really the worst answer I could have imagined her giving me. But I had to support her and said honestly, “Well, if you are going to get a tattoo, it should be something original and personal—in my opinion. And, yes: it is very nice. It is beautiful, in fact and it suits you well.” Erin hugged me and thanked me for my support. I would never tell her that this wasn’t the first time I’d seen her tattoo… I asked her why she didn’t tell me before that she was going to get one and she said, “Because you would have never approved!” She was right about that, of course, but if she would have told me right after the fact, at least I could have known it was her and made up an excuse to not end up fucking my daughter. But that was a moot point now. Now it was time to pray that she was not in the fertile time of her cycle when I shot my cum inside of her. There was a good chance of that after all… As an afterthought, I realized I’d most likely fucked her best friend, too—the one she has been staying with. Looking back, the mouse girl was the same height and build as her friend and she did seem like a bit of a slut. I bet it was her idea to drag my daughter there, too. Swinging and anonymous sex was not Erin’s style. But then again, I didn’t think tattoos were until a few minutes before. Perhaps swinging was in her blood as it was in mine and her mothers. Who knows about such things?
  • The next day was a normal Saturday for us. We spent some time around the house just talking and hanging out. I wanted to get to know Erin ‘the woman’ as opposed to Erin ‘my daughter’. I still saw her as my daughter in spite of having had sex with her, but I was also seeing her as her own independent woman. She was just beginning to live her own life; making her own decisions. And Erin ‘the woman’ was just as amazing as Erin ‘my daughter’.
  • After a day of talking and getting to know each other on a different level, we decided to rest our vocal chords and watch a movie. I let her pick the movie and nearly choked when she selected the latest Spiderman movie. I had a difficult time paying attention to the movie. All I could think about was the party when I was fucking Erin—cumming inside of her. And she still didn’t know it was me. To my surprise, I was getting hard again; the image of her ass with the sexy tramp stamp bouncing on my lap as my dick disappeared into her clean shaven pussy was the only image I saw on the large screen TV. The only thing I could hear was her whispering in my ear if I had a condom and her moans and screams in orgasm. In hind sight, it was clear those screams were from my daughter; how did I not realize it when it was happening? I guessed that I didn’t pick up on that because it was the last thing in the world on my mind. I remembered all of the diapers of hers that I changed and how careful I was to make sure nothing inappropriate could ever be said about how I took care of my daughter’s little girl parts, and then just 18 years later I had my hand down her pants and was fondling them with lust—and she enjoyed it. I remembered the taste of her pussy and how smooth and clean she was on my tongue.
  • I was hiding my raging hard-on now and I was going to cum if I didn’t concentrate on controlling my thoughts. I forced myself to concentrate on the movie just long enough for my erection to go down and then excused myself, saying I wasn’t feeling well, before going to bed. Erin asked if she could get me anything and I said I was ok; that it was probably just something I ate. I said ‘good night’ to Erin and she elected to watch the rest of the movie. Before going to sleep, I had to ‘rub one out’. I went into the bathroom like some high school kid and jerked off. But when I did, all I could picture in my head was me fucking ‘the cat girl’. Only this time, she wasn’t wearing her mask. I could easily picture my daughter’s face instead of the cat mask. It only took a matter of about 30 seconds of jerking off before I blew my load in the toilet. And it took much less time for the shame and guilt to sink in. With the erection taken care of, I was going to go and get something to drink from the kitchen, but just as I was about to enter the living room on my way there, I saw Erin was taking care of herself in the same manner as I had. She was still watching the movie and Spiderman was battling it out with the bad guys. Erin’s pajama bottoms danced over her fingers and I decided the drink wasn’t that important—I wasn’t going to embarrass her—so I went to bed.
  • The next morning I woke up right around six o’clock. That was very unusual for me on a Sunday; normally I would have slept until around 10:00. But then I realized what brought me out of my sleep. Erin was awake already and she was in the bathroom—puking her guts out as quietly as she could. I got up and went to the door and knocked gently, asking if she was ok. She said, “Yeah, I’m ok. But whatever you ate last night, it got me, too.” The toilet flushed and the water ran in the sink. She began brushing her teeth and I went to make breakfast, fearing that she didn’t have food poisoning. I never thought I would wish food poisoning on my daughter, but right now that was better than what was in my head. Erin came out and sat down instead of helping, so I knew she wasn’t feeling well. She asked how I was feeling and I said that I was fine. She took comfort in that; figuring she would be better soon as well.